July 28, 2014


This is what Hudson and I do when Josh is away, we snuggle in bed, anything to pass time!!

Notice the tightly gripped blanket in his hands, he's serious about that blankie, it's so cute!

July 23, 2014


Hudson loves stuffed animals, he found himself in here during a playdate today. Currently at our house we are missing our Papa, Josh is in Mexico City. Saturday he leaves and travels to Germany for 3 weeks. During that time I'm staying busy by packing our entire house and moving it to our new home in Fulton, Ky. Yay!! It sounds like a lot which it is, but it is keeping my mind off of Josh which really is a blessing so I'm not complaining. Packing has also given me the opportunity to sort out what we need and what we don't, I love organizing so I'm really enjoying myself - Shhh don't tell Josh, I'm trying to milk this for all I got.

But we do miss him a lot, but luckily we live in a day that has facetime so we are able to see his sweet face most mornings and evenings. We are very fortunate he is willing to sacrifice the way he does to provide for us, so thank you Josh! We love you!

Here's some pictures from the past few days of our sweet boy.

Hudson learned how to remove his diaper during a nap, this is how I found him when he woke! 

Hudson and his new 'muscle tee'.

Hudson loves to drink water from ANY source.

Slip n Slide with his cousins, Aiden & Rowan, I just love this photo!

Helping his Uncle Chad mow the grass.

July 19, 2014


Goodluck Josh on your travels Hudson and I will miss you SO MUCH! You're the best daddy & husband!!

July 12, 2014

Before : After - Our deck

Josh you did such a wonderful job, I can't thank you enough for all the sweat you poured into this house to make it a home. 

Thanks for coming to my rescue every time I screamed at finding a bug in the house. Thanks for patching all the drywall holes I made from hanging pictures. Thanks for going to work everyday to provide a wonderful home to Hudson and I. We are so thankful for you.

If you didn't know already josh has accepted a research and development job working on automotive parts in fulton,  ky. Not too long ago someone in the field of R/D said that there's no way josh could ever get a job doing that. 

Josh leaves for Europe next week for training he will be gone a month - eek! His first day of work in fulton, ky is August 18th, So while josh is gone I will be packing and moving is down there. We officially put our house on the market today.  We are sad to leave here but are so excited for this next chapter as well. 

Josh I'm so proud of your heart to follow your dreams and to follow the Lord's will, thanks for being such a wonderful role model for our son. I'm so proud of you, words can't describe how proud I am.

 I love you!

July 8, 2014

Little things

Enjoy the little things one day you will realize they were the big things.

July 7, 2014

the night before I became a mom

The night before I became a mom I cried my eyes out. 

You were two weeks early and my water broke and I instantly became so nervous, I was so nervous to meet you I think. Would you like me? Would I be a good mom? Oh, I was excited to meet you but I was so nervous as well. 

A year in I have to say it's been not only the toughest year of my life but by far the best. There is nothing in my life that could compare to having you in our lives. I know you won't remember these sweet days we share and the way you run towards me when I was just in the next room, son you melt my heart. You have made me into a women, you have taught me how to sacrifice and how to not always put myself first. Thank you for making me a mom, it's the best job I will ever have. 

July 5, 2014

vacation update

Hudson at the pool I went to as a child when I came to visit my grandparents. We are having a wonderful vacation - My Aunt Laurel has absolutely spoiled us. 

Hudson & Josh with Laurel's kids, Zach & Addison

Hudson and I at grandmas

Our morning walk with sleepy boy. He has transitioned quite well and was so good on the trip out here. We are so thankful for him!!

Hudson working on his dunk, we have some NBA scouts coming out soon ;) 

A Hudson burrito with Addison!!


Thankful for little log cabins and petting zoos.
For this sweet look on his face and for trying to memorize every move he makes. 

Thankful for a child's joy, there is nothing sweeter. 
Thankful for being there for all his firsts.

I'm so thankful for his excitement it reminds me that life is precious and that feeding a goat can be the best part of our day. 

For determination and that practice makes perfect.
For burrito making sessions and the simple reminder of the love of our family. 
For sweet papas who change poopy diapers and who run with me in the morning to help encourage me that I am beautiful. 
For generations of baths in this one tub, so thankful for all the memories I've had in this tub and all the memories Hudson will make - how special.
For sweet aunts who open their home to be our hotel all week, for care packages in the bathroom, for shopping trips, girl talk and for the sweet encouragement.