August 31, 2016

My boys

Are these not the cutest pictures of my boys!! They had their second day of MOPS today & since last week I didn't get a picture of them both today I was able to! :)

We had a pool day after nap the other day.

August 30, 2016


Here's some signs I've been working on : Above is a double-sided seasonal sign I just got in the shop! 

The picture above shows a client who requested to have a pale pink used for the background color on her Christmas sign. 

Baby shower sign!

Custom for a sweet friend it's her favorite bible verse. 

Custom order bible verse

Another custom
Order :) 

This was a custom I did for a Father's Day gift for a friend in town & her 3 girls!

Lincoln's new trick

Imagine my surprise to find this sweet boy at my feet as I'm cleaning up the kitchen last night AFTER putting him to bed!! Do they sell lids to go on top of cribs :) I'm in trouble!!


Yesterday morning we went to the tennis courts at the park 2 blocks from our house. The boys love to run around & play with their toys in the wide open space. They also decided to stop and have snack while we were there. 

This was this morning on our way to the commons. Hudson's sick so I decided we'd go take a trip early before anyone was there to let the boys get their energy out & then we wouldn't spread their sickness. No one was there and it was so nice & quiet. Hudson even climbed to the top of the maze!! He's always been so scared before but I think it was overwhelming with the other kids there. So today was his morning!! 

They also sell coffee there so that's a mom win for sure!! 

Can you see hudson's head all the way up there!!??

August 28, 2016


What a fun weekend spent at home with the 3 sweetest boys!!

And Hudson's animals of course!

Potty training at its finest!!

Water colors at breakfast!

Brought his looking googles to the store so he wouldn't miss a thing :)

Lincoln loves staying awake while hudson naps, he finally isn't being told what to do :) 

Sunday Josh and I went for a date! We went on a slow bike ride - after all the tooth abscess I needed some fresh air!

We followed it with ice cream of course. Love you Joshua Chad!!!

August 26, 2016

First day of MOPS

On the left is Hudson's first day of MOPS this time last year. On the right is this year!! He's growing up - & yes this is what happens when I ask for a smile!

August 24, 2016

Sticker chart

The power of stickers over a 3 year old is awesome!! I just started this sticker chart today & for every time he poops in the potty he get some sticker to put on his chart. Wahoo!! 

August 23, 2016

Preschool fun @ Home

I'm trying to add some learning activities to our day. Hudson loves going to his mommys morning out so I thought I'd carry over some things at the house. 

Today I had Hudson get some coins from his doggie bank aunt Jessie made him & sort them by putting the coins in the cupcake pan. He did really well!!

August 22, 2016

Weekend events

Had a rough weekend Friday I started getting pain in my tooth & went ahead and made a dentist appointment with a dentist in town for Monday. But I couldn't make it till then the pain was insane and on Sunday morning I ended up having Josh take me to a 24/7 dentist in Indianapolis. I had an abscess in my tooth & had to get a root canal and crown. 

My fever is coming down with the antibiotic and the pain is still pretty bad but I'm hoping it ends soon. The pain of an abscess has to be up there with child birthing pain. Holy moly! 

Hudson did some painting outside this morning, it's 69 degrees and no humidity so we decided we needed to enjoy it while we can!

August 19, 2016


Hudson went to get a water bottle out of door of fridge.

Me: Hudson how did you reach the water did you use your stool

Hudson: No mom I used my hands :) 

2nd day of school

Boys had their second day of 'school' today & they did great!! 

Lincoln got a sticker for being incredible his teachers said :)

Hudson took a field trip & walked to the library (2 blocks away) AND was line leader!! Mrs. Karen said he did so well and got to keep the flag that the line leader uses. He's pretty proud of himself & so am I!

August 18, 2016

Talking with Hudson

post hair cut today!

(Asking for a snack)
Me: Okay Hudson just grab the box of teddy bears & bring it to me.

Hudson : okay mom just be patient 

Me : Hudson please show Lincoln respect while he's eating breakfast.

Hudson: mom listen to me sing to you  (then daddy comes up and starts tickling him & and daddy starts talking to me)

Hudson: daddy go to work you're not respecting mommy I'm singing to her!

August 17, 2016

Hudsons favorite food

This right here is Hudsons favorite food ::

Peppies (red peppers)
Carrots & Ranch
Pickies (sweet pickles)

Today he woke up & demanded it so this is what he had for breakfast!!