January 31, 2012

diy tangle-free headphones

 my headphones are always getting tangled up, with this trick they never will stick together again! it will take you back to those school days of making friendship bracelets for all your best friends.
 {photos via apartment therapy}

you can try all kinds of knots for any type of look, have fun! 
for the how-to click here.

January 30, 2012

lauren bush wedding

finally made it back to the blog. i think i caught up with life, starting a new job and planning a wedding can make anyone a little overwhelmed right? i think i have some great posts for the next week or two which i'm excited to share!
this is lauren bush and david lauren's official wedding photo, beautiful isn't it? i love her dress it took Ralph Lauren and a team of 100 people 3,000 hours to create. it looks as if the dress has existed for years, doesn't it? a true vintage yet modern twist on her wedding gown. The bride said, “It was like a dream come true. We sat together and arrived at this silhouette. It isn’t Victorian exactly. I wanted something modern as well, so there is the high-necked collar and puffed shoulders with the large open back.
 they tied the knot at the groom's family 17,000 ranch in Ridgeway, Colorado. the guest were served steaks straight from the ranch!
i love how timeless the pictures looks, a look that will carry on.
{photos via vogue}
for more pics click here.

January 20, 2012

post from around the web

i have been missing from the blog scene lately, i will recover from a busy few weeks this weekend and hopefully be back in action monday morning. 
 for now, i wanted to share some posts i found from around the web, hope you enjoy!

i love this embroided card from Anne Weil, i make a card similar and what i have found to work is making it a project for a day. it's a great inexpensive way to show the recipient how much you care. check out her etsy shop, here.

i have always loved design sponge's city guides, they are great to find spots the locals love. beth and i recently went to Cincinnati and used the city guide, we did run into a little snag (the restaurant said they served lunch, what we didn't realize was that meant till 2:00, we arrived at 2:30 - woops!!) 

check all the city guides out here.

{via poppytalk}

don't you love this DIY Satsuma Candles?
 oh i bet it smells delightful, here's the how to!

January 17, 2012

found the one

I found my wedding dress on our trip to Cincinnati, do I look excited? because I am!


how true this is.
hope your day is going well. xo jean

January 13, 2012

wedding dresses

i love these wedding dresses from whitney deal. beth and i are headed to cincy today to the bridal district, it's the largest in North America. hopefully we will find a beautiful dress for a great price, wish us luck!

happy birthday beth

to my best friend, roommate, alley diving ally, and partner in crime - HAPPY BIRTHDAY. you have made my life so very special, you have one of the kindness hearts i know. i am so thankful that you are a part of my life and i can't wait to explore more of life with you.

here are a list of things you have taught me:

1. to be nicer
2. that eloise just doesn't understand
3. that giggling is indeed all the therapy a girl may need
4. you have way better style than me
5. chocolate is indeed a food group
6. jeeps are bad :^)
7. blogs can bring friendships together
8. that nothing we can say to each other will cause us to feel embarrassed, it will only bring laughter
9. usually nothing good happens when i say, "i have an idea!"
10. that i can give you a look and before i say anything you already know whats coming out of my mouth
11. processo can fix any problem we will ever have
12. friday's belong at blue dog
13. champagne and beer just don't mix
14. no matter how many brain surgeries i go through you will always be there to hold my hand

thanks beth for your friendship you really are an amazing woman, you make great decisions and i'm so excited to see where life takes you!

love jean

January 12, 2012

wedding programs

wedding details are so fun, but there are so many choices, i suppose that is half the fun. i love these programs the first is joanna's from one of my favorite blogs cup of jo.

my top picks for wedding programs

January 11, 2012

music wednesdays : the lumineers, Ho Hey

today's artist: the lumineers song: Ho Hey

they are originally from New York City, pilgrimmeged to Denver, Colorado. the story of how they made it is touching, "Born out of sorrow, powered by passion, ripened by hard work, The Lumineers have found their sound when the world needs it most."

here's their story (via thelumineers):

Wesley Schultz, 9, who wants to be an artist, said, ‘I spend a lot of time on my drawings and it turns out good ‘cause I’ve been practicing a lot.’”
-The New York Times, 3/15/92

Twenty years ago, Wesley Schultz saw the future.

Back then, growing up in the New York City suburb of Ramsey, New Jersey, Wesley spent his days drawing side by side with his best friend, Josh Fraites. Today, as bandleader of The Lumineers, Wesley’s replaced his pencil with a guitar, his drawings with songs, and plays side by side with Joshua’s younger brother Jer- emiah. He still practices a lot, and it still turns out good.

But The Lumineers’ story didn’t come so easily.

It begins in 2002, the year Jeremiah’s brother, Josh, died from a drug overdose at 19. Amidst the loss and grief, Wes and Jer found solace in music, writing songs and playing gigs around New York. After bat- tling the city’s cutthroat music scene and impossibly high cost of living, the two decided to expand their horizons. They packed everything they owned—nothing more than a couple suitcases of clothes and a trailer full of musical instruments—and headed for Denver, Colorado. It was less a pilgrimage than act of stubborn hopefulness.

The first thing they did in Denver was place a Craigslist ad for a cellist, and the first person to respond was Neyla Pekarek, a classically trained Denver native. As a trio, they began playing at the Meadowlark, a gritty basement club where the city’s most talented songwriters gathered every Tuesday for an open mic and dollar PBRs. Neyla softened Wes and Jer’s rough edges while expanding her skills to mandolin and piano. And so The Lumineers sound took shape; an amalgam of heart-swelling stomp-and-clap acoustic rock, classic pop, and front-porch folk.

new job

i will be leaving the frankfort avenue heine brothers store, but i'm not going too far. i was hired as the manager for the brand new blankenbaker store! i will miss working at the historic frankfort ave store, but i'm excited for this new opportunity :^)  this year is sure off to a great start!

January 10, 2012

dream home

Everyone has a dream home, josh and I found ours a few months back, we stumbled upon it looking at the house that was for sale next to it. How could you live next door to your dream home we thought?
Anyways it's only wishful dreaming, it's way out of our price range for the time being. But maybe one day....?

January 6, 2012

some wedding inspiration

 wedding planning seems to envelop all of my time these days, i'm imagining this is normal and very soon i'm going to get very tired of looking at wedding stuff. but until that time comes here are some pictures that are inspiring me for the wedding. since josh and i are trying to spend as little money as possible, it's going to be a very DIY wedding. which i'm very excited about- so let the crafting begin!
hope you have a great weekend!

January 4, 2012

bon iver - for emma, forever ago - a take away show

i've decided to start a music wednesday, which will feature a favorite band or song that i currently can't stop playing. hope you enjoy!

today's artist: Bon Iver, song: For Emma.

my roommate beth turned me on to take away shows, it's where artists spontaneously are recorded playing in apartments, alleys, sidewalks, any informal setting in front of small crowds. when Bon Iver was asked to do a take away show, "they immediately responded that this is kinda what he dreams of: that his album is meant to be played in front of small crowds, and that he was looking forward to it..." how magical would it be to walk in on this?

January 3, 2012

kids + stickers: here's what happens!

An interactive art piece at the Gallery for Modern Art in Brisbane, artist Yayoi Kusama created a brilliantly white environment (a blank canvas) where over the course of two weeks children who visited were given thousands of coloured dot stickers and were invited to collaborate in the transformation of the space.  The installation, entitled The Obliteration Room is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs through March 12 in Brisbane. (Via colossal).

January 2, 2012

we are engaged!

josh took me mountain biking friday, at waverly park, where he popped the question. he told me he always knew this is the spot where he would propose to me, since waverly park was our first date.  

i still don't think it has all sunk in, but it was one of the best days of my life!  

And the ring, a beautiful sapphire, can you believe he designed it himself?

well i'm as happy as can be. now wedding planning will fill my blog!

January 1, 2012

happy new year

happy new year! 

this is how we spent our new years eve: eating popcorn, playing games, spending time with friends and family.