March 29, 2012

ballet dancers in super slow motion

this video featuring Marina Kannon and Giacomo Bevilaqua from Staatsballett Berlin captured at 1000 frames per second. it's absolutely beautiful, i have always been captivated by the grace and eloquence of the ballet. this captures the grace of this beautiful art, i hope you enjoy!

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March 28, 2012

photos of the week

i took a lot of pictures this week of flowers as i look back through them, spring has sprung early this year! it's so beautiful out i wonder how the summer will turn out? 

hope your well, xo.

March 27, 2012

calligraphy return address

how cute is this! it's a calligraphy return address stamp, you can use it for letters, luggage tags, books and much more. 

it's only $45 and you can purchase it here.

March 26, 2012

warming huts

Every year in Manitoba, there is an art and architecture competition on ice which takes proposals to create "warming huts" for the world's longest naturally frozen skating trail,The River Trail in Winnipeg.  This year's winners from the competition were built in January along the trail (submissions started in September), and although they have all been removed with the skating season closed, I thought I'd show you some of the amazing structures that were built.

Rope Pavilion

Kevin Erickson and Allison Warren, New York, NY
Through the combination of simple materials, ROPE pavilion created a highly articulated form and space while nestling itself into the Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail’s landscape. Its relationship of skin, made from manila rope, and structure, crafted out of birch frame, merge to form a warming hut whose dense shell blocks winter winds while still being perforated for light and views.  
Wind Catcher
Tina Soli and Luca Roncoroni, Norway

Wind Catcher is a simple (furniture-like) structure, a “hole in the wall”. The goal is to create a playful architecture, an object that stimulates curiosity, desire to interact and to discover. At the same time the weather, in particular the wind plays an active role with the architecture and to communicate with the public.  

Gehry Partners, Los Angeles, CA

The concept for the Gehry Partners warming hut is an abstracted igloo comprised from chiseled blocks of ice, stacked and composed in a sculpturally casual way. The interior space, intended to contrast the exterior, provides a sense of warmth through the use of a Douglas Fir timber structure, timber benches as well as a central fire pit.
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March 21, 2012

happy birthday grandma!

 It's my Grandmother's birthday today she is the one in the middle, isn't she beautiful? 

She is the sweetest lady you will ever know and somehow can finish any crossword puzzle set before her,  she makes the WORLD's best cheesey potatoes, and she is fascinating to talk to about anything and everything (I especially love the stories of when she was a young girl growing up).
 I have called her mom since I was a child and I continue to do so till this day, I love you so much Mom!

March 19, 2012

Rodes City Run

 I had the weekend to myself, Josh was visiting family, so I made the most of it and woke up early Saturday and ran the second Triple Crown race. It was beautiful out not too humid, which is what the weather in the spring is typically like here in Louisville, instead it was breezy, sunny, and warm. It made for a great 10K!
 Here some other pictures from the weekend - 
 Beth and I took a long walk on Sunday and met a small turtle on our adventure in the park.

Heine Brothers was bustling Friday morning!

March 15, 2012

before i die

 Candy Chang, is an artist who explores making cities more comfortable and contemplative places. She teamed up with Chicago Urban Art Society, to make an interactive public art project called Before I Die to various Chicago neighborhoods. 

what will you do before you die?

To see more of her work click, here

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there is something about how animals always know when you aren't feeling well - when i came home from work yesterday and laid in my bed eloise immediately came and snuggled with me for my entire nap. 

thanks eloise

March 14, 2012

spring weather

 elizabeth and I went on a walk yesterday and had to stop at every blooming tree to take pictures!

 the beginning of a new season is exciting - i always feel refreshed and energized moving into spring. more walks and and the best alarm clock, birds chirping! 
josh after our mountain bike ride on sunday.

March 12, 2012

bathroom makeover

i love love love this bathroom! 
if i had a bucket list this would definitely go on it, although i'm not sure how it would affect resale!

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March 9, 2012

happy friday

We are hopefully, fingers crossed, going mountain biking this weekend - hope you have a great weekend :^)

March 8, 2012

before & after closet

i just love this entryway nook, it's so organized and open and before it was this, it was a closet! i love before and after pictures of homes and when i came across this i thought since we have an entryway with a closet maybe we could try this...i'll have to ask josh first :^)

child's own studio

have you heard of child's own studio, it is the COOLEST project i have seen on the web in a while. they take a drawing your child made and replicate the drawing in to a stuffed animal! 

check out the pictures below and if you would like to know more or to order one click here.

March 6, 2012

week in pictures

i took this picture monday morning from my bedroom window, looks like a painting i thought.