August 27, 2014

lake days

My friend, Heidi, from a weight loss camp we worked at in North Carolina right after college invited us to her families lake house. We are having a blast, it's not like our lake house this is a full functioning home where her parents spend a lot of time. It's on kentucky lake which was under an hour from where we now live. Today we are headed out on the boat and jet skis. Hudson's loving it! 

first day

Hudson had his first day at Mother's Day out today. This was the picture I captured when I came to pick him up, finishing lunch. (He's the one with his back towards us) Boy I missed him, it was so strange to run errands and not carry a bag of Cheerios, toys, books, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, my phone to ploy more time. It's amazing what can be done in 3 hours with no toddler, absolutely amazing! 

They said he did great and only got upset when they came in from playing outside. So proud of him. Once we got home he let out this huge sigh of relief it was pretty sweet. Then he sprinted towards his blankie and sat down in his play room and played for almost an hour alone. I think he was so happy to be home. Makes a mommas heart happy that he feels relaxed here. 

He just goes on Wednesdays mornings for about 3 or so hours. I think it's going to be great for him to meet some friends and to develop more. 

August 24, 2014

first boat trip

Hudson's first time in a boat. We had so much fun at the lake, thankful for good friends!

August 20, 2014


thankful for neighbors who bring by coconut cream pies

thankful for this view out my front door and a cup of coffee in my hand 

thankful for this sweet boy (pre-hair cut)

thankful for his love of books, currently his favorite activity is reading.

thankful for small town treasures. we went to Discovery Park of America in union city, tn which is 10 minutes away, it's a gem we love it!

thankful for picnics and the heat of summertime

August 19, 2014

first haircut

 Timeline in pictures of Hudson's first haircut! Oh and yes mom I saved a lock of his hair, don't you worry. We went to Martin, TN which is about 10 minutes away, it's the cutest town and this salon was so great - Josh even got his haircut after Hudson. The guy who cut Josh's hair was so helpful and kind by telling us of stuff to do nearby. I can't say it enough but everyone has been so welcoming here. 

I will make another post tomorrow, until then here's some cute photos of Hudson.