July 31, 2013

mix between

Can you guess the babies in the above picture? 

Well if not I'm on the left, Hudson is in the middle & Josh on the right. Everyone says how he looks JUST like Josh and I think it's a good split between, he definitely has Josh's face shape which is why I think people say Hudson resembles Josh more. 

July 30, 2013

my heart

This little guy has stolen my heart. I have to admit those first few weeks...okay okay...those first two months were really tough, the adjustment to completely caring for another is, well, exhausting. But let me tell you, there is nothing better than when this sweet boy smiles at me, ah, he has my entire heart. I love spending my days with him, looking at the world through his eyes. It has really slowed my pace down and helped me to see the beauty in life. 

Ah, I'm a lucky lady to have this sweet boy in my life!!

July 25, 2013

bathroom art

Can you guess what 90's sitcom these hairstyles go with?

10 weeks old

 {1 week old above}

Hudson is 10 weeks old today he loves giving big gummy smiles, crossing his hands while he sleeps, facing out when you hold him, eye contact, laying in mommy & daddy's bed and loves being held during his day naps. He is very excited for his great-grandma to come in town and take over the role of holding him during his naps :^) He loves to snuggle!

He has consistently been sleeping 5 to 8 hours straight a night, it's pretty wonderful! Not much else to report, he's healthy and growing and very chubby!

 {1 month old above}
{2 months old above}

July 22, 2013

bath time

This is Hudson after his bath last night, he's thinking why does bath time go by so quick, can I please get back in?! 

I can remember bath times at my grandparents house in Kansas as a kid - they were magical. There were always so many bath toys for us, the tub was ginormous to splash around in and the best part was when you got out the hot towel my grandma would snuggle you up in. I sure hope we create these magical experiences for Hudson - We are pretty crazy about this guy!!   

July 17, 2013


Last weekend we went out to a little cafe we love in Anchorage, afterwards we took a stroll along their walking trail - It was a splendid day!

  Josh never ceases to amaze me with his photography, these are a few of his pictures from our day. Plus an extra of Hudson, of course.

Tomorrow Hudson is having a procedure done to check the fluid levels in his kidneys, please keep him in your prayers - And me too!

July 16, 2013

Hudson: 2 months

Hudson had his 2 month check up yesterday - I still can't believe how time has flown by - But at his appointment he had 3 shots and began running a fever last night. So we snuggled him a little longer and gave him a lukewarm bath and this morning he woke up pretty chipper with the fever gone!

Things Hudson likes at 2 months:

His play gym, the sound of water, his hands/fingers/mouth, loves mornings, bath time, being swaddled, car rides, outdoors, noise makers, tummy time, walks and afternoon naps on mommy or daddy's chest.

Boy we love this little guy, the past two months sure have been hard but when you wake to this every morning, the sleepless nights are soon forgotten.

Oh, on anther note Hudson slept 8.5 hours straight Sunday night, wahoo!! At one point I had josh make sure he was still breathing :^) We are hoping this becomes the norm for him although last night with him having a fever he woke about every 2 or 3 hours, understandably so. 

July 12, 2013

sweet time

Josh was out of town all week for work which means my mom stayed with me and Hudson got non-stop love. This little boy will never be able to not have undivided attention, sleep without being held and have someone doting over him at all times.

Thanks mom, you're the best Grandma ever - Love you!

July 10, 2013

life in an instant

Things Hudson likes: Outdoors, kisses, rattles, walks, early mornings and snuggling with his papa in bed.

He gets sweeter everyday, lately when he wakes in the morning he will just be sitting there cooing and smiling waiting for me to come pick him up. His smiles are divine, the world melts away when he smiles at you. 

July 8, 2013

hudson's blog

Here are some pictures of our days spent as josh says, 'putting out fires.' Seems pretty easy, eh? 

July 3, 2013


Last night Hudson and I went to cheer Josh on at his soccer game. I think Hudson is his lucky charm because Josh scored 2 goals!! 

But even better news, my little guy slept 6 1/2 hours STRAIGHT last night, this momma was doing cartwheels this morning!! Let's hope this becomes the norm, because I would rather feel like a human - the past 7 weeks I think I have been a zombie walking around.

{Sweet friends to mull things over with :^)}

{Woke up from a nap to this sweetness, I love this man!}

{Hudson wanted to take this picture for his auntie Liz in his Mickey Mouse onesie, he is beginning to love sitting up like this all on his own. It's pretty adorable watching him looking around soaking in his surroundings. Sure am lucky to see this boy grow and explore the world.}

{Not a great photo, but by far my favorite outfit of his. He is such a handsome boy}