March 31, 2015

Ear Infections

Sweet Hudson has another ear infection! Luckily I took him at the very start of it so hopefully it doesn't get worse - please keep him in your prayers!!

The doctor gave Hudson disney car stickers, he loved them!!

Our pediatrician is across from daddy's office and I got the last appointment at 5:10 so Josh met us there!!

March 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

Josh had a fun Saturday!! He got to go to lowes and pick out some tools we need for our kitchen remodel. I'm glad because now his honey-to-do-list has doubled!! 

Early morning wake ups with this little fellow!

We are swapping date nights with a couple friend of ours and Saturday night Alexa came over for a few hours to play!

Starting our butcher block countertop update in the kitchen. We have a few weeks before we can install them because they need so many coats of sealant. But it will be worth the work!

March 27, 2015


This is real happiness, thanks Hudson for showing me how simple life can be! A ceramic car painted by his Aunt Jessie that he never gets to play with only look at. Glad I said yes!

Have a great weekend, Go Cards!!!

March 26, 2015

Scientific Talk!

Josh found out today his pressure sensor, which is his hardest project currently, is going on the new Nissan Titan truck! So if you see a new Titan out on the roads this smart husband of mine is why it's reusing unburnt fuel! Proud of you Josh!! 

March 25, 2015

22 Months HWR

Hudson at 22 months:

He loves choosing his clothes, this dinosaur short is currently a favorite. 

He loves to climb.

He thinks he's a lot bigger than he is!

Could swing for a very very long time if there are people to watch.

Forget toys when you have dirt which is all he wants to do at the playground two blocks away.

He likes to clean off his hands and say, 'Mess Mess!'

Loves baths & his boat for the tub.

Loves to show me his teeth when I ask!

Loves all this unpacking, well mainly the empty boxes.

He could do this for days line up his cars, trucks & buses! The bus below he is setting down is actually an ornament my grandma kramer sent us but Hudson LOVES it. If I let him sleep with it he would!


Hudson carrying his bag leaving MOPS this morning, he's always so proud to carry his own bag! Need to get him a small backpack for him to carry maybe with a car or dinosaur on it!

Lunch storytime with daddy on his break!

March 24, 2015

Bedtime Massage

Hudson getting his nightly foot massage, sweet boy keeps his legs in the air if you stop and wiggles his feet - too cute! 

Can you believe we are less than 10 weeks till his brother Lincoln is due! So exciting, can't wait to be snuggling another sweet baby again!

March 23, 2015

Hand holding

We met Alexa, Hudson's girlfriend, at the commons playground this morning - Aren't they cute?

Funny story! Josh put Hudson to bed tonight and about 20 minutes later I heard some loud noises coming that way. So I went into his room to check on him and looked over at his bed and no Hudson. So I called out his name and I hear a giggle and then a little boy poking his head out from behind his rocking chair in the corner of the room. He had took all his pillows, blankets, stuffed animals & B and made a little bed behind the chair. Can you believe that?! He is so cute!! 

Weekend Fun!

We had a very productive weekend! We are almost finished with diy'ing the kitchen & we have almost unpacked all our boxes!! Can't wait to share pictures of our kitchen remodel, we are doing it on a budget and ourselves! I even have a budget breakdown to share about how much it cost. So nice to see hardwork pay off! Also a thanks to my grandpa's & dad who always gift Josh with tools, they are being put to use I can promise you that!

Here's a cake Jess & Joyce made over the weekend for a little girls birthday!

March 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Happy Birthday to my Grandma!!! My Grandma Schneider is the one holding me at my baptism. Isn't she beautiful?! Can't believe now she is holding my sweet babies, my how time flies. 

I hope you have a wondeful day Grandma wish I was there to celebrate with you. Love you to the moon and back!! 

It's the weekend!

Happy Weekend friends! 

This weekend Josh and I are putting finishing touches on our kitchen, pictures will come soon. We are also going on a date tomorrow, our friends are watching Hudson for a few hours and next Saturday we are watching their kids! Other than that we have a TON of boxes to unpack and I hear the weather is going to be nice so I'm looking forward to taking some walks!

Grandma came to visit today and did this to Hudson, teehee!

Hudson giving Lincoln kisses, beebee as he calls him. 

March 19, 2015


{hudson watching the Internet/cable guy climb a ladder to telephone pole}

{hudson grabbing Josh's beard during bedtime stories}

{love hearing hudson say his second favorite word, stuck!}

{sleeping babies who make road trips  easier}

{most of all I'm thankful for this man, love you forever Joshua! (Isn't he the cutest!!)}

Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough!!

March 17, 2015

Hudson's treasures!

Went to Little Treasures in Louisville yesterday which is a huge kids/baby consignment sale and got a bunch of stuff for Hudson! Here are a few of his favorites: green crocs, blue hat and his favorite frog rain boots! I also got him his summer wardrobe there and future hand-me downs for Lincoln!

March 15, 2015

Favorite words of an almost two year old

Here are some of Hudson's favorite words:

Show (for watching a cartoon)

Nack (for a snack)

See (for yes)

Tweet (for treat)

Saw (for sorry)

B (for his blankie)


Pease (for please)

Danks (for thanks)


Inosaur (for his dinosaur PJ's, Hudson LOVES pajamas he picks out which ones he wears every night!)


Stuck (second favorite word) 

No (for just about anything, 1 favorite word)

{Funny story, Saturday while we were moving Hudson was pushing around his truck and trying to go into the kitchen where Joyce & Josh were painting. Well I told him no and kept standing in front of the door to block him. He finally turned around and I left the room, well once I left he immediately bolted back towards the kitchen. He made it across the threshold only to find his Aunt Jessie who looked down and said to him, 'Hudson are you listening to your mom?' Hudson staring back up at Jess looking her square in the eyes says, 'No,' and proceeds into the kitchen.  I have to say I got to love his honesty!}