September 30, 2011

friday collection

it's my birthday weekend, woohoo! josh is taking me to dinner tonight, can't wait to see where he takes me - i have a few restaurants in town i've been dying to try. saturday we have nothing planned which is quite exciting, and sunday evening my dad is taking us out. here's to enjoying the ripe ole' age of 25.

 here are some post to enjoy, hope you have a great weekend!

do you like to snuggle?
plant wall art.
bizarre is this real?
such a great idea to spruce up your cabinets
i love this tile!
hoping to make this soon.

September 29, 2011

diy door

ashley and aron from hither & thither gave their front door a makeover. it is such a great idea- you can read their post here.

also here is another great idea when decorating your door. enjoy!

(poppytalk blog)

September 28, 2011


the surgery yesterday went great. my surgeon wants to do one more angiogram in 6 months, if there are no more fistulas present in my brain then he says I should be cured. during the consult with my family (I was still in recovery) he told them he is very confident the fistulas are gone, but it never hurts to triple check, right? anyways, recovery is so much easier than last time, i still feel pretty loopy, and have headaches but it seems to be more manageable. I should be able to do something fun on Saturday for my birthday!
thanks again for all the support and prayers i couldn't have done it without everyone. also a special thanks to my understanding roommate beth, couldn't have asked for a better friend. and to my wonderful & patient boyfriend, I love you joshua.

September 26, 2011

brain surgery tomorrow

tomorrow is my second round of brain surgery, exciting right? well in preparation two of my girlfriends took me to get a pedicure, and for an early birthday present! Thanks carly & beth for a great day :^)

weekend wrap-up

went to visit my family at the compound (aka. grandma & kelly's house) last night where i received a full checkup from dr. aiden. which was great since i'm going in for a big surgery on tuesday, he said i am in great shape :^). the men enjoyed sunday night football (the picture below is not great but you get the picture, they are mesmerized).

September 25, 2011

pre-birthday week!

josh and i spent part of our saturday at the mall. i have been eyeballing hunter boots for quite sometime, and now i finally have them :^) it was my birthday present to myself, and since i am going through my second brain surgery on tuesday i will more than likely be laid up on my birthday. but thought it would be nice treat myself to something early, right? me and some girlfriends are going to get a pedicure tomorrow for some pampering before my surgery, still deciding what color to try - i typically go for a nude or grey color, any suggestions?

josh tried on the beats by dr. dre headphones, which are very nice - i think he will put them on his Christmas list to santa this year. we also took a lovely drive around town, isn't it nice to not be in a rush. here are some fall foliage pictures, it's not quite this pretty here but hoping it will be soon, it would be a nice treat while i am recovering in bed all week!

i also had a friend teach me how to drive a stick shift this past week, so i made here this giant cookie. thanks kelly!!

September 22, 2011

purple hair

ahhh! i loath her hair -

78- square foot apartment

could you imagine living here? i have lived in some tiny apartments but this is tiny! really cool video on the guy that lives here. check it out!



i could live here, could you? so beauitful -

September 19, 2011

wedding venue

how beautiful 57 foot ceilings, exposed beams. breathtaking isn't it - would you get married here?