April 27, 2016

1# Dad!!

These sweet boys have the BEST DADDY. 

Hudson the other day had a bellyache, from drinking water out of the water table.  He told me :: mommy I'm just really sick and just really miss my daddy, I just love my daddy my daddy goes fast on bikes, daddy wanna play trucks with me. MELT MY HEART!! 

We love you Joshie poo!!!

April 24, 2016

Lincoln 11 months

Just realized I never did an 11 month post!

Lincoln still LOVES to nurse 
Adores Hudson
So proud of himself for walking
Clap on command!
Loves to eat real food.
Takes 2 naps
Sleeps 12 hours straight at night
Loves walks in the stroller watching Hudson scooter 
Loves MOPS 
Also loves gymnastics 
Climbs the stairs so fast
Your giggle is contagious
Likes to play with others 
Loves baths
And playing in his crib

A+ Weekend

We had SUCH a fun weekend!! Sunday we decided to skip church and we packed a picnic and went on a walk! It was so fun! Hudson rode his scooter, Lincoln munched on crackers in the stroller. We climbed the tower overlooking Columbus, stopped at the river bank to skip rocks, climbed a hill to the ampitheatre, stopped at the playground, had a snack, walked through the covered bridge. It was such a beautiful morning, love these boys!!

I told Josh today is vacation day for us & we didn't do any chores just hung with the boys & eachother. We decided we need to do this more offer!!

We finished our day at our dear friends for a cookout!

April 23, 2016

My boys!

These two are soo different! I just love em. Hudson after nap yesterday woke up & first thing he said was, 'where's Lincoln?' Melt my heart!

Fun week!!

My two little loves!!

This is Hudson's school he goes to Friday morning & below is his classroom!

Chubby box :) The little things I never want to forget - love these days!!

Thursday we got invited as guest to the children's museum by my girlfriend who's a member. I hope to get a membership for them it's only 30 minutes away! The boys had so much fun, it was a nice break from our regular schedule!

Twinkle lights in the baby area

April 16, 2016


Hudson got a new helmet this morning, they rode their bikes to the bike shop a few blocks away and now he won't take it off! Above is a snack before bedtime in his pj's!

Getting home the bike shop he asked me to take a picture of him! 

Josh took the boys to the park & I went to the store. I drove by to spy on him, what a GREAT daddy he is!! Those boys LOVE him!!

Lincoln loves tunnels at the park!

Hudson left his 2 favorite monster trucks outside & they weren't working so well. So unprompted he wrapped them each in a B, found a fan for weight noise, then said a prayer, God my trucks are sick please help amen. 

If he isn't the sweetest :) 

Art project Thursday!

April 13, 2016


Have you heard the news??? My sweet sweet almost ONE year old is somehow WALKING!! I promise you it was just yesterday & we brought our sweet Lincoln home. Agh! I love these boys and the small (very small) glimpses I see of them playing nicely together. I'm so excited for our summer & I'm planning so many fun things. 

I just left MOPS where we had a speaker come talk about confidence in parenting. I needed every word she spoke.

So for now we are focusing on Hudson & encouraging him to be gentle. That is my biggest struggle with him, he has such a sweet nature but he has SO much energy & excitement and when he goes to express himself it comes out soooo rough. So today I'm working on praising him for what he's doing right. So much of my day I find is negative so I'm looking
for the positive!!

Just love these sweet sweet boys!!