May 21, 2013

Guest blogger

This is my first blog post, and possibly my last.  My name is Joshua and I am Jean's husband.  I check Jean's blog daily and noticed there has been a lapse in posts.  Therefore, I thought I would write one for her.  On Wednesday (May 15) we decided to go get an ice cream as a treat.
After we returned home Jean was tired and sore.  I gave her a short massage and we got ready for bed.  Seconds later she said, "MY WATER JUST BROKE!"  Of course Jean already had a bag packed for the occasion and we made it to the hospital just before midnight.  Jean was amazing through labor.  I was in charge of correspondance to the outside world (I held both iphones).  Hudson William Raper (H.W.) was born at 13:13 on 5/16/13, on his timetable of course.

Jean smiled calmly as if she had done this before and I cried, overwhelmed with love.  Of course the families were there to cheer and pass around pictures.  Since his birth, H.W. has been an absolute joy.  H.W. is so calm and relaxed all the time.  He is super ticklish and likes to be held.  He likes music and will not wake up unless you change his diaper.

Of course I could continue to post pictures but it is getting late.  I chose to put the last few pictures of my favorite little man and I together's my blog post :)

Okay-one family photo-

May 15, 2013

38 weeks!

Look at that little guy getting so big! We had our doctor's appointment yesterday and there wasn't much news, our doctor said, "In my field of work boring is good!"

Here is last weeks picture, you can really tell he has dropped which means I can now breathe!

Not too much longer till he makes his appearance.

 My girlfriend, Katie, who was due May 9th had her baby this morning. She called me not long ago and said, "Hudson has a girlfriend!" They waited to find out the gender, I always say she is more patient than I :^).

I'm so excited to spend this summer with her and our babies! Her husband, Drew, teaches with Josh so we are going to have a fun summer I'm sure, filled with lots of sleepless nights!

May 14, 2013


My rose bush has finally made some beautiful blooms for me to fill my house! 

Josh and I are headed to my 38-week appointment today, I'm hoping I've progressed and maybe we are getting closer to meeting this babe. We did our hospital tour yesterday so now we know exactly where to go, and we finished packing our hospital bag. Josh also put the car seat in the car, eeks!! 

I hope the weather is beautiful where you are... it's blue skies, light breeze & birds chirping here!! 

May 6, 2013

cycles of life

Looks like we are embarking into the 5th phase of life according to this chart, can't wait! 

I'm feeling great and have reached the point where once I sit down it's hard to get me up. If I drop something, guess what, it stays there, it's such a funny stage for me to be in. I've always been a 100 miles a minute kind of girl and these days I'm lucky to rev up to 10 miles an hour. I suppose they call this, the calm before the storm? 

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks which is full-term, baby can come anytime at this point! I say the sooner the better, I've recently been having dreams of running - what I would give to move quickly again :^)

On an even more exciting note, I finished school today and took my last final! Never thought I would make it thru this course, but I did it! I owe Josh a big thank you for helping me along, couldn't have done it without you babe!