March 28, 2014

10 months old

This post is better late than never! 

10 months and Hudson loves: climbing stairs, climbing everything really, cruising, walking while pushing a toy car, baths, anything we are eating, crawling under the bed, being read to, watching cars and people go by. 

He is just too much fun and I can't believe that he will be one soon. It's so true that they grow up so fast. Luckily, this sweet boy still takes a bottle while snuggled in my arms. The pediatrician says he can switch to a sippy cup and drink on his own, but I'm going to soak this up while I can!

March 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday to my sweet grandma!!

I love you so much Mom, I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope you are spoiled & celebrated and I hope you finish your evening with Bill O'Reilly and an orange - I love your predictability!

Love you so much momma!!

March 20, 2014


That face! This is Hudson's super excited, happy face he gets SO tickled with life he makes these faces and breathes REALLY heavy out through his nose. It's seriously the cutest thing ever. When he gets even more excited he adds in jumping up and down and if he is sitting then he will pump his hands and legs viciously. 

My sweet boy - He is full of joy!

We went to the park today Hudson loves, loves the park!

Play area at the mall.

I'm hoping to make Hudson's 10 month post soon, I'm working on his birthday invites right now! 

I will post again soon!

March 16, 2014

times flying

This child is 10 months old tomorrow, say what! He moves too fast for me to get a decent picture of him these days. He is SO close to walking, he will stand for a few seconds with no help then whine a little because he gets nervous, it's pretty cute. He's learned to crawl stairs without any help, let's just say he is mobile and at times it seems unstoppable. 

But this sweet boy still loves it most in my lap reading a book or on my hip as I cook. He will sit on the floor and do this slightly whiny voice with his arms raised in the air and he will twist his wrist - that's code for "mom pick me up!" 

This was this morning headed to church, like I said it's hard to get a picture!

March 9, 2014

first time for everything

Hudson's first zoo trip, it was SO much fun! 

But, the poor boy has came down with the stomach bug, nothing is staying inside of him. It's so sad seeing him sick, but we are giving lots of hugs and kisses & pedialyte and hoping this ends soon!

Bath time

He loves playing in the curtains, he likes to hide in them and see our reaction when he pops out. Too cute!

Patrolling the neighborhood.

He got up here all by himself he was really proud of himself!