February 28, 2017

Library Time


Josh and I were cleaning up breakfast this morning & when we walked downstairs with our coffee in hand the boys created a library!

They lined all their books up on the bench and Lincoln would grab the books, hand them to Hudson who would load them in the dump truck. 

They are so sweet!!


February 27, 2017

Weekend Away!

We had a 2 night weekend away with 3 couples & it was SOOO MUCH FUN!! I haven't felt so relaxed & laughed so much in a long time. Aunt Jessie, Nana & Pappy kept he boys & I'm not sure they missed us a bit. They were in great hands!







A few pictures of the boys at Nana & Pappy's!



Hudson went to his first movie at the theatre Legos Batman!!





They also went to House of Boom!



February 18, 2017

Lincoln Tucker


Sweet Lincoln talking more!

Please :: tease

When he wants to be held :: up

When he wants something :: help

When he wants more food :: more

Remote :: mote 

Hudson :: hudsies 


He loves to help in the kitchen although it's FAR from help!


He loves following his brother around & doing everything he does. This boy LOVES books, still won't watch tv but books he reads them all day everyday!!


He loves cars & trucks & digging in the dirt.

He is so sweet & coming into his own personality, I can't believe he'll be 2 in May. I can still remember the day we brought him home, bittersweet!

February 14, 2017

My valentines


Hudson headed out to his valentines party at school, he was so excited!! Sweet Lincoln just loves his big brother!



My big boy walking into school



This was his bag of valentines he got at his party, they had sugar cookies, cheese sticks, apple juice & blueberries for snack. It was also nice enough outside they played on the playground, he had a wonderful morning & tomorrow he has his 3rd and last valentines party @ MOPS. 

These boys make holidays so much more fun, just love them so much!!



We had a Valentine's Day party at my house yesterday, with Jill, Hannah & Emily - or as we call our group the donner park moms!! We all leave around donner park!! 

The kids had so much fun, I wish I took more pictures but obviously it was a busy morning!!


Josh & I went for a bike ride Sunday it was beautiful weather!!


Boys before church Sunday, the sweetest boys ever!!

Hudson's going to school today for a Valentine's Day party, I kept him home Friday from school & just sent Lincoln. So miss Karen invited him today so he could participate in the party. He's so excited!! I have all his homemade Valentine's in a bag each with a tootsie roll pop & we're taking blueberries for his party. Lincoln and I have an errand to run & I have a nasty head cold so we may just take it easy for the rest of the time. 


Oh! I also threw a baby shower at my house for my sweet friend Suzanne Saturday. It was brunch style and so much fun. 

The bottom left picture is Meg, Suzanne, Allison & I - they hosted the party with me and we're such a help!! The bottom right picture is Suzanne & her husband Joe!!





February 8, 2017

Our week


Hudson wrapped in B, yes he's a fitted sheet :)


Hudson LOVES Legos, he is so good at coming up with. Re things & building by instructions. Yesterday he made this thing below and put on a movie for us to watch. It was so creative & fun.



Thursday mornings at 6:30 am porter comes over & I take him to his school later that morning. We love thursdays with porter!


The suns out!


Poor Lincoln sick at the doctors with an ear infection, I dropped Hudson at his buddies house while we were there.


Home from the doctor and Hudson's outside playing in the sun & Lincoln is watching!

Letter of the week A


We've started doing letter of the week, Hudson's really enjoying it. Last week we did A!

We made an alligator A for our alphabet wall.
We are animal crackers & apple juice
We did some letter A worksheets
We drew an Ambulance



Hudson's ambulance drawing


This week we're doing letter B!

February 1, 2017

My treasures


Walked into Hudson's room just now to find him sitting on this red chair with his hands clasped against his heart, eyes closed, praying. He babbled a bunch of stuff about thanks for my toys and the milkshake mom just made and then he said, "pray it in my mind store it in my heart, amen." I asked him where he learned that last part he said MOPS :)

There is nothing that could ever compare to hearing your child pray to his Heavenly Father, the greatest treasure I have. My mother in law always says  Mary stores these treasures in her heart, that's how I felt today. Love these sweet boys and praying fiercely for them, they are such a gift!!

I have no greater joy than to HEAR my children are walking in the Truth. 3 John 1:4