January 24, 2014

mornings around here

I brought Hudson upstairs to play in his teepee this morning and he was a chatterbox, that's what he does when he gets really excited - he babbles on and on! 

We also made a little fort down in the basement he wouldn't stop giggling about it. So fun to see so much excitement in his eyes!

January 18, 2014

8 months old

 Hudson loves to stand, crawl on everything, on top of everything, over everything ... he's everywhere! This sweet boy has a sweet calm side where he is so gentle and reserved taking in his setting, surveying what is taking place. But on the other hand he is energetic, strong, determined, and abundantly happy. He also has times where he just wants your undivided attention, your affirmation and praise. Seeing this child grow has been the greatest blessing I could have ever imagined.

{1 week old}

January 15, 2014

play time

Yesterday, I took Hudson to his first little play area at the mall and needless to say by this smile, he loved it! When we first got there he just sat and watched all the other kiddos but eventually a little girl came over and smiled at him and he was off crawling. We had such a wonderful day playing together, this little guy is just the best! 

p.s. someone is going to be 8 months tomorrow!

January 12, 2014

bath time

This is Hudson's favorite position in the bathtub - squeaky toy in mouth, leaned back into my hand while he floats up and down like he is in a lazy river. 

January 8, 2014


This sweet boy will be 8 months in no time at all! He is SO MUCH FUN! He is beginning to crawl everywhere, I use to be able to set him on the living room rug and leave the room for a quick second. Well I did that this morning and guess who was right behind me when I turned around and in the next room, yep Hudson. Wow how things change just like that!

Here's a sweet little video of our past (almost) 8 months with Hudson!

hw's teepee

We finally finished HW's teepee on Christmas Eve, it turned out great! Josh helped me so much and I'm so excited for Hudson to grow up with this.

Josh is back at work now we had a wonderful Christmas break hanging out as a family of three, we are looking forward to the many more years to spend together. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season!