August 31, 2012

little free library

wouldn't it be so neat to go on a walk through your neighborhood and come back with a few books to read!? 
Little Free Library originated two years ago as one man's homage to his book-loving teacher mom, and since then hundreds have cropped up worldwide. 
the principle of the book swap is nothing new, but revitalizing an interest in books, increasing access to reading materials and planting these in neighborhoods everywhere is what makes this project so special.
Little Free Library uses recycled materials; libraries have been made using barn wood and old cranberry crates. in New Orleans several libraries have been constructed using Katrina debris.

i think this is such a neat idea, hmm wonder if we will ever see one pop up in louisville? i looked on the little free library map and the closet one is in New Albany, IN.

(grandma there are a few in overland park, kansas :^) )

August 29, 2012


my sister shot this video from my iphone of our wedding,  for the past two days i have been putting together a little video to remember the special day.

hope you enjoy!

August 27, 2012

ironman louisville

today was one of those days, it was perfect - this is why.

rode bikes for hours
watched the ironman
met up with friends
lunch at please & thank you
rode more bikes
ate homemade lasagna
ice cream at dairy kastle
watched more of the ironman


{coffee at lunch}

{first finisher off the bike}
{bike to run transition}

every single year when the ironman comes to louisville i dream of doing it, it's all i can think about leading up to it and for weeks after. i go back in forth in my head, should i - or shouldn't i? 

at the beginning of the day while watching the ironman the answer to the above question is YES. but then as the day progresses and i see the enormous pain the athletes are in my answer slowly becomes maybe i shouldn't. until the point where we go sit on southern parkway and it's 8 o'clock, which mind you is FOUR HOURS after the 1st person finished. this is the point where the athletes coming through look rough, and when i say rough i mean rough. i will save you the details but i'm sure you can imagine what you would look like after a 2.4 mile swim (in the ohio river), 112 mile bike ride, and now your working on a 26.2 mile run. needless to say, i always feel guilty sitting on the curb with a huge smile on my face in complete admiration of these people, while they are hobbling, grimacing, and asking themselves the question...why?

August 24, 2012

diy decorating

slowly decorating - had a map of kentucky, threw it in a frame and voila!

happy friday!

August 22, 2012

favorite paint colors

{dovetail by sherwinn williams, trim - white dove by benjamin moore}

now that we own a home we think about paint colors a lot and i found this wonderful website called favorite paint colors to help us make the decision easier. the author collects paint projects through blogs that people have done on their home and compiles them here so you can see the ACTUAL color on the wall. ingenious! 

it always makes it a little easier seeing the color on someone else's wall before fully committing to a color!

{house above: copley gray & seapearl by benjamin moore}

{dark ash by behr paint}

{classy by valspar}

{heirloom red by valspar & oyster bay by sherwin williams}

i also love paint color names, who comes up with them? i just think they are so creative and thoughtful.

happy wednesday!

August 21, 2012

a new chapter

well today i announced my 2 weeks at heine brothers where i have been for the past 2 years. i am really going to miss working with coffee and everyone at heine, but i'm excited for this new chapter.

i was offered a position at baptist milestone, which is where i have been wanting to work for sooo long!

thanks to everyone who has made these past two years great :^)

{picture above is my office, one i will miss}  

August 20, 2012

weekend news

sunday morning we hiked at Jefferson Memorial and missed my mom dearly.
then last night we had josh's parents, sister & brother-in-law over for dinner.
i collected these roses' off our bush out back.
then i made an autumn salad and successfully candied pecans. it was DELICIOUS!

August 17, 2012

happy friday!

{urban art.}

{morning commute}

{josh's dream car}
{bowling with good friends}

{loved this print @ josh's barber}

August 16, 2012

happy birthday grandpa

happy birthday grandpa!

i hope that grandma is spoiling you today, i'm sure if there was a car show she would love to take you!

love you so much!!

bike rush hour

can you imagine a bicycle rush hour? i certainly think it would be great. 
the  video is take in Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands.

we have a qdoba up the road from us, say 7 blocks, and we always drive - we never even think to walk or ride a bike. isn't it funny how the different cultures are? if we lived in NY we would walk and not think twice. but here in kentucky 7 blocks is driving worthy.

interesting i think.

August 15, 2012

big question

      a lot of people have asked me this question.

"how's married life?"

and my response is

"better now that we are together!"

handmade rubber stamp - notetrunk

 ordered a handmade rubber stamp from notetrunk, on etsy.
and i love it - they even upgraded it to first class shipping and gave us an ink pad.
love, love, love this company - if you're looking for a stamp check out notetrunk here.
just ordered my mother-in-law one, which they custom made for her!

August 14, 2012


  greenhaus is a neat local shop located on preston street.
beautiful succulents, craft beer, wine, local ceramics and vintage furniture.
highly recommend!
this is the little guy i brought home.

August 13, 2012

sdf to ktm

on the way to taking my mom to the airport we made a quick, but necessary, stop at mom's favorite coffee shop in town, quills coffee - for her signature drink a red miele and a chocolate from cellar door, salted caramel of course!  

{loved these!}

 the other day we went to my mother's other favorite hidden gem in town, nord's doughnuts & sunergos coffee for josh's birthday. 

{how do you choose?!}

{this was my treat a cookie in the shape of a cupcake, in memory of my mom}