April 30, 2015

Mom's Day!

We had my mom & sister over yesterday and Liz and I had a little Mother's Day lunch for my momma! Hudson helped me make a banner for her & Liz brought up Blue Dog bakery sandwiches for lunch. 

After lunch we laid Hudson down and my mom and I enjoyed a walk on the people's trail behind my house. It was so nice out we walked 3.5 miles, luckily there were restrooms on the trail!! 

Thanks for coming down mom & Liz!

Oh Hudson and I had our last day of MOPS yesterday until August - I'm so sad! I love going and so does he, can't wait till we start again!  Here's his school picture they took, how serious!

Hudson also helped grandma change her oil, he went and found one of his pretend tools and got to work! 

Very serious about cars & tools, he is going to LOVE visiting his Grandpa Kramer in years to come! Cars, Trucks & Tools!!!

April 29, 2015

Helper Boy

Can you believe this sweet boy will be two in a mere 17 days!! Lincoln has 5 weeks and 4 days until his June 7th due date, not that I'm counting down or anything! I'm feeling pretty good, I've stopped doing my exercise class at 6 am 3 days a week because I didn't have enough energy for the rest of my day. For now housework, chasing Hudson and walking to the park are just enough for me! 

Hudson's such a sweet boy we see more of his personality everyday. He has such a kind heart and loves to help his friends when they have fallen. He will run over and say, 'oh no' and reach for their hand and try with all his might to help them up. He does the same thing when him and Josh are on the trampoline. In this case josh lays down on the trampoline to rest but Hudson sees it as a chance to help! 

Hudson also has a monkey stuffed animal that he loves, chips. He will throw him on the floor and say, 'oh no' just so he can help him and rock him. It's so sweet! 

He really likes to help me at the grocery by putting items in the cart and then putting items on the conveyor belt. Sometimes it's not as much help as he thinks but we will get there!

He's also really sweet with his friends when they play. Typically, when another kid has a toy he wants he will walk up to them and kinda bend his knees to get to eye level and say, pwease, while he claps his hands to his thighs. So cute! Now this completely depends on who he plays with he has some really sweet friends. 

He also likes to help me make dinner and tell daddy he cooked for him. Yesterday I made a casserole and the last step was sprinkling with cheese so I asked him to do that part and he was SO happy to have 'made' dinner!

If we go walking to the park with a friend and I give Hudson a snack he will reach to hand a piece to his friend automatically. 

He has a bunch of pretend tools and after all the work we've done on the house he will walk around with a drill & screwdriver fixing things he has seen Josh work on. It's adorable, he mutters tool tool tool the whole time. Sometimes he likes to work on his trucks because he has seen Josh replace their batteries. In the photo below he is working on the door :).

He picks up on SO much I almost can't believe it. 

April 28, 2015


For smiles from this sweet boy. 

For getting dirty!

Snuggles with both my guys!! 

At church they are adding a children's wing on and this is a highlight for Hudson - Truck truck, tool tool!!

 Love his enthusiasm. 

April 27, 2015

B of course!

Yesterday, we went over to Hudson's friend Kayleigh's house to play. When Kayleigh's mom told her, before she went down for her nap, that Hudson would be over after she woke to play she in turn said, 'and so will B!'  

Haha, I laughed so much when she told me that, love this age! 

April 26, 2015

Weekend Family Fun!

We had a nice relaxing weekend, here's some pictures! 

Hudson always insists daddy wears safety googles when he puts on his sunglasses to mow inside.

Beautiful weather on Sunday!

Playing on the guitar with daddy.


Josh played laser tag Sunday with a few buddies so Hudson and I went over to his friend Kayleigh's to play.

April 25, 2015

Lawn Boy!

Sweet Hudson is looking for some summer jobs mowing, his rates are reasonable! 

Here he is working a puzzle Grandma Kramer sent him, he Loves puzzles just like his daddy!!

A boy with a book of truck stickers, can you say HAPPY!! This has been the best for when I'm trying to make dinner, I pull this out and he sits at my feet while I cook, saying 'truck truck truck.' He loves it thanks grandma!!

April 23, 2015


Daddy Storytime


Loved puzzles, Grandma Kramer sent this clock one!

Truck time with B.

Front porch sitting.

April 22, 2015

Sweet Lincoln

Lincoln in three different homes: 

Left, Fulton 
Middle, Columbus, IN apartment 
Right, Columbus, IN House

We can't wait to bring him home although I keep remembering all the sleep I'm getting now so I'm patiently waiting :)! I saw the doctor today and my next appointment they will check to make sure he is head down and to see if I've dilated. So exciting! 

April 20, 2015


We had our little babymoon weekend which was soo nice. Josh and I went to Brown County, Nashville, IN, and had such a fun time. It was soo relaxing. I texted my mom and said I felt like a teenager - we had NO responsibilities! 

Saw this cute sign for Jessie! 

A motorcycle carved out of wood. 

Hudson spent the weekend with his Aunt Jessie, Uncle Chad, Nana & Pappy. They went to he zoo, played trucks a lot, went for walks to see the horses and I'm sure got spoiled! Thanks so much for keeping & loving our sweet boy, we sure were ready to pick him up on Sunday!!

It's funny the main thing we talked about on our weekend away from Hudson was Hudson! I think that's normal?!?! 

Here's some cute pictures they sent us over the weekend. 

Kitchen Remodel!!!

Well we pretty much finished our kitchen remodel this weekend - Yay!!!! 

This is a long post of our remodel. 

Here's what we started with, brown brown brown. The cabinets really needed some love, the bottom row were banged up pretty bad, but all in all in great condition and real wood. So we decided to keep em for sake of the budget and they just needed some elbow grease.

We had to remove these upper and right cabinets to fit our fridge. We saved the upper cabinets and are going to use them to make a built-in for the fridge. 

Like that fence on top of the cabinets!?!!

Here's Gary removing the fence from above the cabinets, 70's decor at its finest. 

Primed the cabinet boxes.

Cabinet cut to fit microwave over the stove. 

Josh installed the microwave over the range. He had to add electric there, remove previous cabinet and cut it down to fit the new dimensions with microwave. 

Primed cabinet doors.

Painted cabinet doors.

Josh removed the flourescent light above sink and put in these two drop pendants. They are crooked in picture but fixed now!

Painted doors go back on, looking good!

New knobs we picked out.

Josh also removed the flourescent light in the center of kitchen and hung this light up.

Josh measuring the butcherblock countertops. 

Removing the brown boring backsplash.

Countertops gone, No kitchen for a week!

Tracing old countertops to get the perfect cuts.

Sealing the butcherblock counters we did 5 coats on top and 2 on the bottoms, this took a long time because it has to dry. 

Counters go in, we covered them with a plastic wrap so we can tile the backsplash.

We chose classic white subway tile and did a charcoal grout, we love this look!

The tile job was definitely my least favorite job, I love how they turned out though so glad we finished them!

Here's the AFTER!!

Even have a cute curtain by a wondeful seamstress known to some as 'Nana' on our back foot. 

Our last project in the kitchen is building in our fridge, we've got the cabinet built and just need to install. Hopefully next weekend we will finish that!! 

Here's our budget breakdown:

Tools $340
Paint $200
Knobs $50
Counters $700
Lights $80
Faucet $200
Fridge built-in (estimate) $200
Plumbing & Electric $1,040
Backsplash $340
*Appliances $2,200

Total: $3,150 

+ *Appliances = $5,350

We put so much work into this and really did enjoy the process. It's nice to see hard work and your design pay off, there were definitely some very frustrating days but it was all worth it. Josh is so handy with house projects and even if he doesn't know how he loves to figure how to.  I even knew some things he didn't just from helping my dad out at the rentals as a kid. So glad we chose to do it ourselves we had gotten a quote from someone to do this remodel and it was north of $20,000. Glad we chose this way, we were able to do exactly what we wanted, pay for it up front and most of all work together. Love you Josh!