December 30, 2015

Christmas Break

We had a wonderful Christmas visit to Louisville. I didn't take a ton of pictures but here's a few, we had such a nice relaxing time, with a lot of babysitters to help with the boys! We really missed our family in Kansas but hopefully we can go next year!

Hudson & Aliza watching for a train that runs through Nana & Pappy's backyard. 

Nana got a tool bag and Pappy got a fancy money clip.

Sweet Lincoln! 

Christmas Day shenanigans!

Hudson playing with a Christmas present in the tub!

December 24, 2015

December 23, 2015

All day long

This is what we do all day long :: CARS & TRUCKS. It's all cars & trucks all day long. And I LOVE it!

December 22, 2015

Our home for Christmas

Here's the other Christmas pictures I promised, can't believe it's 60 degrees this week!! 

December 21, 2015


Thankful for my helper boy who can fix anything!

For his creativity in hauling his books & his sweet brother who adores Hudson.

For a trip to see Santa I'll never forget!! 

{Got to Santa Lincoln just had HUGE blowout the clothes were ruined, all I had in diapwebag were 3 month old onesie with sailboats on in and no wipes n the bag, so josh and Hudson went out to car to get some wipes while I was covered in poop waiting on them, Hudson refused to look at camera but you better believe he asked for a monster truck :)}

Making sweet memories baking cookies!

For sweet grandmas who make it extra special with car cookie cutters - thank you!!

For haircuts that make him look like a big boy!

For their love for one another!

And for this classic look I get all the time!

Here's to gratitude and how it turns EVERYTHING into ENOUGH!!

What are you thankful for today??!!!

December 18, 2015

My boys :: 7 months

Here is Lincoln & Hudson's 7 month picture of each of them. So different!!

December 17, 2015

Lincoln 7 months

Sweet boy is 7 months!!

He loves watching Hudson
Being held all the time!
Hudson's cars
Bright lights
Loves Hudson, I recently moved his car seat next to Hudson's in the car & he's doing better on our car rides!
Watches my every move if I'm not holding him, and cries if I move out of sight :) 
Peek a boo

Lincoln Tucker you are an absolute Joy, you have brought so much love to our home we love your big smile & how snuggly you are. Hudson absolutely adores you & it's so fun seeing the world through your eyes. You watch everything Hudson does, what a treasure you are!!

December 16, 2015

Hudson 31 months

Hudson at 31 months::

He calls target, monster truck store
He talks in sentences, it's so cute!!
He loves giving Lincoln a paci even though he doesn't really care for it.
Every morning when he wakes he says where'd daddy go? 
Loves to clean
Loves building things & running fast!
Jumping is super fun for him
He constantly says watch this mommy
When you're in the car with him he can point out every car/truck within a mile radius. He shouts out every car or truck that he knows the name for. Mommy look at this, mommy look at this. So sweet!
He loves book
Loves helping with Lincoln, getting toys, giving him puffs, hugs, anything he's such a sweet brother!!

Can you believe that was two years ago, sweet Hudson on Santa's lap. At the exact age Lincoln is!!

Hudson you are an absolute gift, we treasure you!!!

December 15, 2015

These are the days :: Snack time

Here are the boys having their first snack time together after afternoon nap! Hudson & I will usually sit on the floor together and chat while we have a snack. Well after we sat down today Hudson said Lincoln needs a snack! So I grabbed some puffs for Lincoln, which he loves, and my two sweet boys had their first of many snacks together. These are the days I will cherish forever, love my sweet, sweet boys!!

Christmas list HW

I asked Hudson what he wants Santa to bring and here's what he said ::

Big trucks
Lightening McQueen

He's so stinking cute, if you ask where Santa puts them he says Christmas tree. 

December 14, 2015


We spent the weekend in Louisville for Jessie's cookie party. Sweet Hudson woke from his nap Saturday crying and pulling his ear. So I took him to an immediate care & lo and behold it was an ear infection! Then that evening Lincoln and I came down with a head cold. Good news is Josh feels great! He has been taking such great care of us, thanks Josh! 

Here's a few pictures ::

Leaving immediate care with a Stickie & Suckie!

December 11, 2015

One hand

Making Buckeyes with one hand for the Christmas cookie party at Jessie's Sunday. Love this sweet boy!!  

The boys at gymnastics s this morning :)