March 28, 2016

Easter weekend

We had a wondeful Easter weekend in Louisville! 

Enjoying the fire at Nana & Pappys 

Saturday morning water egg hunt, Hudson loved it!

So proud of his work!

Josh & Lincoln fell asleep in the car.

March 24, 2016

new signs ::

Was making a round the other day & ruined the letter monogram so decided to make this wreath (above) I love it!!

New round design :: going to monogram for someone with a 'b'

You are loved Sign

2 custom orders (above)

This is my new sign, with my shop name,  I designed for the booths I'm going to have at the farmers market & craft fairs! I have 2 planned this summer - looking forward to it!! 

Love this verse it always reminds me of the Irish Blessing which always makes me think of my Grandma Kramer!
I hung this in our dining room!


Thankful for surprise play dates in the backyard with great friends!! 

These encouraging women!!

An early mornings spin with some girlfriends!

Special Easter treat yesterday afternoon with my sweet boys at a bakery down the street!

Lightening McQueen shirts :) 

Fields trips to the fire station!

Help staging a sign!

Access to a doctor, what a gift that is :: they're all better!!

Hudson working hard in his 'working boots'

Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough!!

March 18, 2016

Lincoln Tucker Timeline in photos

Funny Funny

So Hudson has started this new thing where he will say to me "hmmm (with a long pause & a lot of exaggeration) let's think about it." Then he takes his pointer finger and puts it in the air against hai lips and scrunches his face as if he is thinking really heard & repeats, "hmmm let's think about it." SOOOO CUTE!!!

10 months Lincoln Tucker

This sweet boy is so fun, he is so close to walking.

 He can pull up and cruise on anything. 
He loves his big brother Hudson & watches everything he does. 
Mommy is his favorite
Babbling a lot which is so cute
Loves being outdoors
Swinging at the park 
Playing with Hudson's cars while he naps
Mommy and Lincoln time when Hudson naps
Loves applesauce, yogurt melts for babies 
Can drink water out of camelbak water bottle

His nickname is winky, Hudson when he was first born called him wincoln - so winky stuck. Hudson now will go pet his head to show loves he calls him my little brother Lincoln now which is adorable. 

We love you Lincoln Tucker!!