December 23, 2016



Here's a few of the orders I had for Christmas!








This is a clients home who took a picture with my sign on the mantle, so beautiful!




December 22, 2016

Christmas time!


Santa is visiting our house tonight! We decided since we are traveling santa would come tonight so we wouldn't have to lug things back n forth! Here's santa's special plate with a cookie & carrots for the reindeer. Too say Hudson is excited is an understatement! 




My dad came by & dropped Liz off for our trip tomorrow. Boys loved seeing grandpa!


Advent calendar with daddy


Sweet Hudson

My girlfriend Emily who lives across the street gave me this key chain that has the coordinates of donner park. Which is where we spend SO much of our time together with the other 2 moms that live near us. Emily is such a sweet friend & this was such a thoughtful gift!


Captain America!!

December 14, 2016

Gratitude Wednesday


Thankful for Christmas programs it's worth just sending them to mommys morning out one morning a week! Lincoln is front & Center!


For sweet boys who are too nervous to sing but didn't forget to bring B up on the stage!


For snow!


For imagination & captain America!!


For sweet friends and neighbors!


Playing on the snow!


We have the sweetest neighbors who live literally across the street. Emily & I do so much together, I'd be lost without her! This last week our washer isn't in use because where it drains needs fixed. So she has done all my Kai dry including stomach virus laundry! So thankful for the sweetest of friends who are in my life!

Here's to gratitude and how it can turn everything in ENOUGH!!

December 13, 2016

Loads of laundry


This picture is from the children's muesem last week. We had a hard weekend, Lincoln got sick Friday afternoon as I said and then Hudson, Josh & I got the stomach flu Saturday as well! Josh helped a friend from church move Saturday morning & on the way home got a flat tire. Then on top of stomach virus we still can use wssher until plumber adds a new line. I'm so thankful for my neighbor Emily who lives across the street. I've been dropping our laundry, inmagine 2 toddlers puking & diarrhea non stop, it has added up! But I'm so blessed to have Emily in my life she is always so willing to help!!

I'm off to work on signs I have SO many orders to fill and to ship out Monday, yay!!

What a week!


My boys working on the airplane, a screw came lose so they are working hard!

This week was a rough one! Tuesday morning I was doing laundry which is in our finished basement and 29 minutes later I come back down and it's flooded! Luckily we have a shop vac so I started using that, it was such a job! I wasn't able to get ahold of josh to help because he was in meetings but my friend Jill just had a baby 2 weeks ago and her parents were in town and her husband was off work. So he came over to help, thank God for dan! 

This week we've filed with insurance and had a restoration company out and clean up & dry everything. This morning our insurance adjuster comes and next week our plumber is giving us a quote on repairs. So things are okay! 

But last night once the restoration company finally took all the fans and dehumidifiers I decided to clean up basement with boys before josh got home. So I start picking things up and then poor Lincoln just starts puking EVERYWHERE! It was a long night but he's doing much better his morning! 


I've been wanting to add thank you flyers with information to my shop with every order & I finally did it! Love how they turned out!! I have matching business cards too!


Business cards!


I've got so many orders to complete and ship out in time for Christmas. Today is the last day for orders at my shop and they are rolling in. Josh and I have a babysitter coming tomorrow afternoon so we can work in the garage together on signs. We always have so much fun working together, listening to music & finishing our sentences without being interrupted every 2 minutes by our sweet boys!! 

Here's some of my orders as of late!






This sign is HUGE! Someone ordered it for her parents ranch house which they call magnolia bluff plantation!






December 8, 2016

Big Day


My joshie had a big day today. He got a raise AND a substantial bonus with a hand written note from his big boss saying, "every time I hear your name it's followed by, what a great guy." 

SOOO proud of him & all he does to provide for our family. Thanks Josh for always going above and beyond. I keep telling him this is no surprise to me I already know what a wonderful person you are it's about time people acknowledge it too :)

Love you Joshie!!!

December 6, 2016



Hudson's going to wake up to find buddy in here so Hudson can carry him around and show him his day. I think he's going to be so excited!


Today Hudson through his B on Josh's head (see above picture) and it landed like this. Hudson said daddy you look like Joseph! I am always shocked at the things he says, the things he picks up on & remembers. I just love him so much! Not sure if he recognised Joseph from the nativity set or where but this sweet boy has a sharp mind. He never forgets anything. He can tell you makes & models of so many cars, he can tell you if it's a police car, ambulance, fire truck siren without looking. Hudson has been given so many talents I can't wait to see how he uses them to glorify God. 

December 5, 2016

Our days


Hudson grocery shopping with me Saturday after bootcamp!


He really was such a helper & did great pushing his own cart for the first time!

Date night with my handsome husband on Saturday evening, we always have the best time together!!


Hudson putting his nativity scene together from his MOPS teachers.


All done!


At the mall to see santa, did a little firetruck & school bus driving on the way :)



Boys running to the sound of santas bells!


Our Christmas picture this year with santa!

 If you remember last year we were in line to see santa & Lincoln had a blow out so all we had in the diaper bag was a sailboat onesie. So he took his picture with santa in the sailboat onesie and I was literally covered in poop since I was holding him during it. The lady this year said would you like me to take the picture over and I said oh no this far exceeds last year I dare not want more! 

These boys are thes best!!


Sweet Lincoln with his tool belt.


Hudson hopped on this at target today :) I couldn't help but laugh & snap a picture!