September 28, 2012

fall inspired

yep, i spent yesterday tucked away in a coffee shop with a book & a latte.

September 27, 2012

edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

 getting ready for the edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros concert! we were soooo excited, it was a birthday present to all of us from my mom - thanks mom! we LOVED it!

{don't forget the tickets!}

 {had to make a stop at dairy kastle for soft serve :^) }

 {setting up we got there early because we knew it was going to rain and only a portion of the amphitheater is covered, we got great seats.}

{opening band 'clap your hands and say yeah'}


it was awesome, the light show was great - there music is really fun to listen to and their stage presence is unlike anyones else. at one point the lead singer was walking through the the crowd, standing on peoples seats, the crowd was going nuts. wow, what a fun night!

p.s - you would recognize their music if you have seen our wedding video - too see it click here.

thanks mom :^)

September 26, 2012

sweater weather

{via pinterest}
mom this is for you!


{via pinterest}
i just need to keep telling myself this. i told josh the other day that things always really shift for me in the fall, i'm not sure why, but i can remember most falls before this one where i would be bummed about my current job or no job. although, this time last year i had already went through two brain surgeries, so to say the least i think i'm doing ok.

September 25, 2012

sweet pictures

 the sweetest pregnancy photos i could find. 
i absolutely love the comic strip above!

September 21, 2012

week in pictures

i'm not really up-to-date on new apps for my phone BUT i somehow ran into this app called Pic Stitch and i must say it's awesome!

these are some pictures from the last week: 
{top left} some birds on a wire over our garage on an overcast fall day
{top right} homemade chicken noodle soup with veggies, josh had 3 bowls!
{bottom left} UofL soccer game on a beautiful night
{bottom right} cool print i found on the web

enjoy the weekend!

 we are going to dinner tonight with jess & chad then have a few projects around the house we are going to work on. OH i'm baking an apple pie too, yum!

new life

{via daily muse}

a monstrous duvet

don't you love these bed sheets? read how one mom turns her sons pokemon drawings into a work of art!

My son Daniel is a prolific artist and I wanted to showcase some of his sketches and decided that I would do so on a duvet cover. He designs his own Pokemon, complete wtih names, types, and evolutions and he chose those for the project. Here are his design sheets:
 I photographed each chosen design. Then in Photoshop I erased all extra marks around the edge, used the Hue / Saturation tool to effectively bleach out all colour, converted it to grayscale and increased brightness and contrast to get a nice, pure black & white image to trace. Then I resized each chosen character to fit on a sheet of paper and printed them out.
I chose the first image to trace, put it on a piece of cardboard and slid it into the top left corner of the duvet cover. Then I began tracing it with the fabric marker.
This is after about four and half hours of tracing:
Preparing the images took around 2-3 hours (I didn’t take note of the time) and the actual tracing took around 8 hours. I didn’t do it all in one go but worked on it as and when I had time, packing it away in between tracing sessions. And here is the final product, which I am so happy about – and thankfully Daniel likes it too! – Jen

September 20, 2012


my friend jess, and sister-n-law, recently painted her bedroom - don't you love it? i do!

here is a picture of her inspiration:

September 19, 2012

cheap art

some of you can place this picture if not, josh took it of possum path which is the hill on which we grew up. 

so in order to fill our bare walls we blew this up to a 16x20 through walgreens which cost $14.99. since we already had a frame with matting to fit this it in total cost us $14.99

this was a great way to put personal art on our walls for a great price. we always get compliments on it and we love it more because it means something to us.

see what i mean, bare walls!
we love it.

September 18, 2012

fall mood

 i'm in a fall mood! it's 60 degrees here and i'm loving it with my windows open. 
i'm thinking about making some pumpkin chocolate chip bread.
i worked in the yard all morning - mowing, weed eating, trimming bushes so now i'm ready to relax.
{pumpkin cake with caramel icing, yum!} 
{simple fall decorations!}

September 17, 2012

September 14, 2012

it's friday!

 {she got a MacBook!}
{my farewell party at Heine Bros with my staff}

well josh and i have no plans this weekend, which i love, i am making something for josh tomorrow -it's a surprise - i'll post about it next week. until then!

September 13, 2012

refinished desk: distressed style

elizabeth and i have been working on refinishing this desk my grandmother gave me. i really wanted to keep it in the family, but knew it needed an update - i think it turned out great!

here's the transformation in pictures:

 {original desk}
 {sanding done, woohoo!}

 the finished product!

i have found any hardware to replace the knockers on the bottom drawers, they have two holes that are very close together and i haven't tracked any down that will fit the holes. i will update once i find some new ones!

September 12, 2012

birthday shopping!

which one is your favorite? 

liz and i went shopping down in butchertown yesterday for her birthday, we had a blast!
liz got some home fragrance spray, i got some dried lavender for the house.
we are going out this week to buy her a new macbook for her birthday, she has been saving for a while,  good job liz!

 {we saw this mom and thought of you!}
{cute salt and pepper shakers}
 {dried lavender to put in the house, it smells so good & last forever!}
 {an apothecary at the market}
 {dried sunflowers}
 {cellar door chocolates!}