October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

I told Hudson when he went back out with Josh to trick or treat some more with some other friends to tell me all about it. He rushed in the door and told me about each piece of candy & how fun it was & how he got a piece of candy shaped like a football. He had a wonderful night & even got a package of microwave popcorn he's really excited to have for our Friday night movie and popcorn tradition! 

Hudson carrying both of their bags, so sweet! Lincoln would get up to the door and just walk into their houses. Sooo funny!!




Only my boys would skip getting candy & play with the rocks :)





This is Hudson with Tristan & Tyson, their dad works with Josh & have become really good friends. So after we all trick or treated with friends Josh & Hudson went over to their house to do a little more. 

Happy Halloween


Top left 1st Halloween :: Top Right 2nd Halloween :: Bottom Left 3rd Halloween :: Bottom Right This year!

I'll post some later if Lincoln!!

October 30, 2016

Fall festival season

We went to our churches fall festival yesterday, the boys had a great time!











The boys finished the night by working a new puzzle my momma sent the boys!! 

October 27, 2016

Pumpkin painting

We painted pumpkins today, they loved it!!





The boys got Halloween cards from grandma & grandpa Kramer so it went perfect with our painting party. Thank you

Gold star


This handsome man on my arm is EMPLOYEE OF THE QUARTER!!! 

So proud of my josh & how hard he works everyday. We love you!!

Pizza for dinner by our chef!

Hudson made us dinner tonight, it was delicious and he worked so hard on it. Thankful he has such a sweet spirit that loves helping!!




October 26, 2016

October 25, 2016

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Our babysitter sent me this picture she took of Hudson this morning - he LOVES coloring & painting these days. So sweet!!

This happened yesterday I was laying on the couch &
everything was so peaceful & QUIET - how could I get up
off the couch and see the reason why. Luckily their washable :)


These are my neighbor mommys minus Emily we do a lot together. On Monday we took a walk to park, 1.5 miles away, because the weather was great. It was such a fun morning & the kids loved the trip too. I Love doing life with these mommas, if we ever need anything from a cup of sugar, to someone to watch a kid or a pep talk these women are always a phone call away and so willing to drop anything to help eachother out. Their friendships are priceless & I couldn't be more thankful to be friends with them!! 

October 23, 2016

Fall y'all


Sweet brothers sharing a bedtime snack, boy do they have some great times ahead of them!! 

We went to our friends last night, the boys played on John Deere trucks, jumped on the trampoline, roasted hot dogs & marshmellows & watched a movie outside. So fun with even better company!!

Everything was so festive & cute - such a fun fall night!


All my signs I got done this week, now to ship to their homes!!

October 22, 2016

Gratitude Saturday


Thankful for :::

My FAVORITE yellow cake with caramel icing {{ Nana's Recipe}}

(We're going to a friends tonight whose having a fall party with hayrides, bonfire, bouncy house & dinner!!


Josh spending time golfing with friends - so handsome!


For taking my boys to bootcamp (at a basketball gym) and following it up with donuts, naturally!!


Family art night (Lincoln in bed) I was working on a sign & the boys were colouring a duck!!

Here's to gratitude and how it can turn EVERYTHING into ENOUGH!!

October 21, 2016

Friday's with Porter

On Fridays I'm watching my friend, Stephanie's son Porter, since he goes to the same mommys morning out that my boys goes to. She's in nursing school & her husband just started a new job which he has to be at super early. So they bring him over at 6:30 am and he spends the day with us. The boys have LOVED having him over. 

And on a better note ALL three boys have been napping since NOON :: that's 3 hours... not that I'm counting!! Could I be on vacation?! :)