May 28, 2016

Kansas trip!

We're having a fun trip! These boys did so well, I couldn't believe it. They are the sweetest!!

May 21, 2016


Lincoln is climbing please send help!!

Can you believe this was our sweet Hudson!!

Sweet Lincoln

Snack time

Walk with our neighbor!

Happy 3rd Birthday Hudson!!


Hudson had so much fun at his friend party today, pizza & cupcakes!

What a GIFT you are, we absolutely cherish you & love the sweet boy you're becoming. I still remember the day we had you I'll never forget becoming a momma. Love you soo much!!

You've started calling me mommy or mom, you use to call me mawwy which I miss so much!! 

You constantly talk about dad when he's at work or anyTime you see a big working truck - my daddy works on big trucks, Hudson works on big monster trucks :) 

You always say my daddy would be so proud of me I love my daddy. 

You love to say oh wincoln :)

You still LOVE monster trucks & lightening McQueen 

Your favorite food is pickles, peppers, carrots & ranch dip!

You've started to use the potty, hallejiuah!! 

You like to make drawings for your cousins & friends. 

You love riding your scooter bike & walking & sitting next to Lincoln. 

Love bucket trucks!

Pushing Lincoln on walks.

May 17, 2016

Lincoln Tucker ONE year old!

Our sweet Lincoln, Happy Birthday!! You have brought so much Joy & Laughter to our family. We love your constant smile & the way you've started to walk everywhere all while trying to keep up with Hudson. 

Clap on demand 

Always smiling

Love food

Loves Hudson wants to follow him everywhere 

During his nap you try wait outside his door for him to wake. 

Loving daddy!

Love gymnastics with Hudson

Being outside 


You love to flush the toilet!

We love you Lincoln Tucker!!

May 15, 2016

Birthday Party for my sweet boys!!

Today was so fun we celebrated our sweet boys. Thanks to everyone who made it so special!!!