December 25, 2011

merry christmas to you

merry christmas everyone.

thanks for taking the time to read my blog, it means more than you will know.

December 22, 2011



finished all my Christmas shopping today, yipee! 
made some homemade cards for friends & family. 
beth made some tea bags for a friend, filled with delicious teavana tea. 
walking down frankfort avenue yesterday i saw oscar's hardware window display, darling right? (it's a replica of local stores on frankfort avenue)

now i need to wrap!

December 21, 2011

how long did you believe in santa?

the website lets you upload an image of your living room and then add a stock image of santa in the picture. so now you can show your kiddos santa really does exist! i was impressed by how believable the photo seems. pretty sweet?!
(via cupofjo)

gingerbread house: a sister tradition

elizabeth brought over a gingerbread house kit monday night we had such a great time we decided to make it our yearly tradition together.

hopefully as the years go by we will become even better! thanks elizabeth.

December 20, 2011

lazy nights with eloise

our cat has it made.

anchorage cafe

today we tried out anchorage cafe, and we fell in love. the pictures speak for themselves. the food was delicious, even better the prices were affordable. they have a full service espresso bar with pour overs, french press and any espresso drink your heart desires. i drank an iced black mango rishi tea.

 there is also a walking path that is next to the cafe, josh and i have walked it before and we love it. it's a two mile loop, with benches along the way. there is a pond halfway through the walk where you can stop and enjoy the view. there is also a nature trail that winds through the property, we decided to try that on our next visit.

December 19, 2011

my weekend recap

josh in a tux: doesn't he looks dapper!

josh and i went for a walk this evening, i always find walking at night magical, especially in the winter. you get to see Christmas trees lit up in homes, the smell of a fire roasting, and the nip in the air always keeps the pace brisk.  

marcus & sanda : glad you're back home!!

yes, for everyone who knows my brother - he finally did it! he chopped his hair off (which was a lot longer than my current hair length). i actually really like it, he looks very handsome :^) 

the weekend was great and i'm looking forward to Christmas & seeing my family in Kansas!

December 16, 2011

friday love

i just can't wait for it too snow, winter is my favorite - i'm the person that wishes it was cold year round. no beach lounging for me, i want to jump in the snow!!
josh and i are off to a wedding tonight, he will be wearing a tux - i'm so excited to see him!!

here are some links for your friday - enjoy your weekend.

great desktop wallpapers
i hope blogshop comes to louisville one day, i want to go!!
love this nook.
great holiday dessert recipes here.
table centerpiece idea - i have succulents on my Christmas list!
10 experiences to give, i love this idea.

beth just knitted this hat for her niece georgia. how cute!

ps. it took her one day to make this!


 today marks josh's last day of classes for the year. congratulations dear, i'm so proud of you. xoxo.

December 15, 2011

holiday wreath

this is the second year I have made this wreath. last year I gave one to my grandmother, in Kansas. I liked it so much I wanted to make another one to keep.

it's a really simple process here is what you need:

old book
grey acrylic paint
hot glue gun
foam wreath

first take the book and paint the edges of the pages with the book closed using the grey paint. let it dry. then tear a page out roll it and hot glue the page to the foam. I think it's best to start on the inside first. then just work your way out. and position the pages higher the further you go out on the foam.
good luck!

December 13, 2011

heine brothers christmas party

we had a great time at the party, it's so nice to work in an environment where we can all be friends outside of work. thanks everyone for making the night special!!

erin had me for the secret santa exchange, her gift was so thoughtful. she printed a picture that was taken of josh and i at her wedding and framed it for me, and also bought my favorite local chocolates. thanks erin, i love it!!

December 12, 2011

holiday crafts

tonight beth and i are hosting the heine brothers store party at our house, woohoo! we have been preparing for the past couple weeks, and friday some friends came over and helped us cut snowflakes to decorate around our Christmas tree. 

we also made a wreath for our front door (i made a post about the wreath a few days ago, if you want the link to try yourself click here.) we also got creative and collected some small tree branches, spray painted them gold, then filled a mason jar with some beads and we have a table decoration.

--thanks for the snowflake making help everyone, it turned out great. also thanks mikey and carly for the great idea :^)

what Christmas party is complete without miseltoe?  i was so excited to find some at a local grocer.
well i have to get to cooking, i will post pictures tomorrow of the fun we had. OH not sure if i mentioned but we are doing a secret santa too ;^)!

have a great monday,