January 30, 2013

good morning

good morning from Hudson and I, we are enjoying our morning studying and sipping on coffee.

January 29, 2013

chocolate: a girls best friend

this may have been the best Christmas gift i received. after taking my lecture test today i came home exhausted and needing to being studying for my lab test thursday. not sure where i was going to find the motivation i remembered, i made homemade brownies (first time ever) the other day with this delicious 'natural high fat cocoa' from penzkys spices, does it get better than high fat cocoa? i don't think so! 

they are so delicious, and really made my afternoon, thanks grandma, SO much. from hudson & i

i'm lucky josh doesn't like chocolate :^) it's all for the little one and i!

welp back to studying, oh i couldn't have these brownies without a cup of coffee now could i!

hearts all around

this is a project i've been wanting to do for a while to give to josh. we received a shadow box for our wedding and i knew this is what i wanted to do with it. i found an old book and got my heart puncher out and went to town. the pink heart you see is where i wrote our wedding anniversary. turned out pretty cute! 

i found time to do this over the weekend when i was procrastinating on studying, woops!

January 25, 2013

baby bump

here are all of hudson's pictures thus far, some days i'm more bloated than others, thanks hormones!

but he sure is growing.

today he is as big as a papaya, 9 inches & 1.2 lbs already. 

i'm beginning to distinguish his movements more and more, like when i lay on my left side at night he does flips in my belly. you can almost see it from just looking at my stomach. josh and i will just lay on the couch and feel him squirming around every night, it's the highlight of our days. you can also see if he is dominantly in one side of my belly or not, causing my belly to look lopsided. 

today i have my week 22 doctors appointment and my new craving these past few days is chocolate!

during the 1st trimester i couldn't sleep enough, i could sleep 12 hours at night and still need a few naps during the day. the past 2 weeks of my 2nd trimester i can barely fall asleep, i'm lucky to get 6 hours of sleep a night. i won't take naps either because i'm afraid i will never fall asleep at night, oh pregnancy! i guess on the bright side it gives me more time to study right?

happy friday! i'm spending the weekend studying chemistry & microbiology, way too much fun..

January 22, 2013


you ask what was the highlight of my day? well i went to the pool and swam laps, being pregnant it's hard to find relief in the second trimester. my body aches! my hips, my bones, my ligaments, my muscles - but swimming! ahhh swimming provides SO much relief. i'm hoping it helps me sleep as well as that has become a problematic area for me as well, it's just hard to get comfy when you have a little guy crawling around in your belly. but i'd have it no other way!

well back to studying, we have our first lecture test on tuesday & lab test on thursday (next week), covering chapters 1-5 - chemistry & microbiology... yep it's a toughie but i'm excited as well. i'm really enjoying being back to school and flexing my brain muscles as they say. 

happy tuesday!

January 17, 2013


josh started indoor soccer on tuesday night, he has been looking forward to play since he tore his MCL two years ago. it's fun to go watch him, as much watching as you can get between chatting with your girlfriends. most of the guys on the team are married and their wives come so we all just sit on the bleachers and chat it up. i'm starting to looking forward to tuesday nights for this reason.

it even snowed a little tuesday night, josh was hoping for no school wednesday. he anxiously woke up a 4:30 (hour before alarm goes off) to check and see if school was cancelled, sadly it wasn't. at least he got another hour of sleep right?!

i felt motivated tuesday to study after class so i went by the coffee shop and got a decaf latte to sip on as i read my chemistry chapter. trying to make it somewhat enjoyable :^) we turned our first homework assignment in yesterday, i'm anxious to see how i did. it's always frustrating at first because you don't know how the professor works or what they expect from you, josh says i over think my homework assignments. i'm looking forward to seeing how i did today.

January 15, 2013

first day

well I had my first day of class yesterday. we went over the syllabus & learned we are going to cover 29 chapters within 15 weeks in this accelerated course (big gulp).

after class I headed home and worked on the homework assigned, read half of chapter 2 and answer 5 study questions. let's just say it took me 3 hours to 'attempt' this. luckily my wonderful husband came home from work and tutored me in what I didn't understand and checked my work. Then i worked for another hour. he made it seem SO easy, I asked him, 'how do you know all this?' he said, 'this is my job.' it was a silly question I know, but I felt so overwhelmed with information I hadn't seen in years. 

I'm SO thankful for him! thank you thank you josh!

with all that said I will be buried in reading and studying till may. at least Hudson gets to join me every day, I love feeling him kicking and flipping during class :)

January 14, 2013

weekend recap

jess & gary made it safely back from cambodia and brought these wonderful shirts for the baby, they are tiny!! can't wait till he is here to wear em.

we also had a couple friend over saturday, it was very spontaneous they came over to watch the UofL basketball game and wound up staying till after midnight. we had SO much fun! playing settlers of catan twice will always make my night perfect. so glad for such great friends!

josh also put up plantation blinds in the baby's room & he said, 'this is by far my new favorite tool!' 

thanks grandpa, he LOVES it!

p.s. i start school today, wish me luck!!

January 9, 2013

new chapter

looks yummy is what you're saying, and it sure was! i put together some strawberry shortcake yesterday and picked up a bottle of sparkling apple cider... you ask why?

well, because i enrolled back to school today!! 

i begin monday and i'm taking Human Anatomy and Pysiology I & II, they say it's quite challenging to take both classes at once since it's a full load of hours but I say, "I can do it!" 

this spring semester i will be taking both of those classes as well as observing my mother, since she is a PT, every week at the hospital. observing her will gain me volunteer hours which helps when I apply to the physical therapy assistant program which i will do by april 1st. granting that i'm accepted into the program i will begin in the fall, i know it will be hard leaving my sweet little boy at home but it will be worth it when i'm done. the program will take me 3 semesters to finish. since i already had most of my general requirements completed, except for anatomy & physiology  as well as psychology, which i will take this coming fall.

anyways that's what i'll be up to this spring.

wish me luck!

i also fired up the firepit today after i finished registering for classes, oh did i mention it was sunny & 53 degrees today :^)

January 8, 2013

baby boy

just some sweet finds to make us even more excited to be having a sweet little boy. everyone has told me how wonderful it is to not only be a mother, but to a little boy, all the moms say, "all boys LOVE their momma." just can't wait!

 i know josh is excited for those lazy saturdays so him and hudson can build that tower out of the boxes he has been collecting for so long just for that reason :^)

{this is the bedding we have decided on for hudson's room, eek! so excited!!} 

January 6, 2013

weekend recap

this is how josh and i spent our sunday afternoon, tucked away in a coffee shop sipping on coffee and munching on cookies & doughnuts. it was delightful!

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

January 4, 2013

brock davis

 these brock davis's instagram pictures, here are a few of his, best of 2012. 

i absolutely love the thought that went into taking these shots, enjoy!

He just posted a collection of his best photos from this year that’s well worth a gander. And here he is on Tumblr, too.

{via colossal}

January 3, 2013

urban artist

according to the Outsiders, street artist OaKoAk lives and works in St. Etienne, France where he works not as an artist but instead at a desk as a “pen pusher”. ntrained in painting or fine art of any kind, he instead uses stencils, paint, and occasionally adhesive superheros to give new meaning to simple cracks in the ground or crumbling building facades. You can see tons more on his blog as well as Facebook.

{via colossal}

January 2, 2013

it's a ...

we are having a little boy!!!

we are soo soo soo very excited, not sure how to even put it into words. we are naming him hudson william, although josh will call him h.w., he loves the idea of initials, hopefully hudson does as well. i love this picture of him with his thumb in his mouth and he has his legs prompted in the air, what a cutie already!

and here is a picture of the baby doing a headstand in my belly, already very active his kicks are already felt, loud and clear :^)