August 18, 2011

purse from shelter protects you

i'm loving this purse from shelter protects you.

 i bought this wristlet from them and absolutely loved it. its an etsy shop based in asheville, nc. Karie Reinertson runs the shop, beautiful work, check them out!


would this not have been the coolest room to grow up in?  i think i would still love to have this room - check out more pictures on the slow life.

dixie cup garland

i love this idea from Hey Gorgeous to spruce up a string of lights, i am planning on doing this for my foyer.       (photos to come!)

August 17, 2011

breakfast: please & thank you

went to a delightful cafe on market st., the up and coming nulu area, called, please and thank you. i enjoyed an iced thai coffee with an arugula salad,  josh got the bread pudding and a cup o'joe, they serve quills coffee of course!

Another Hello!

Hello, Hello!
With Jean already jumping on the blog train I thought I would try to keep up with her and give a little "hello," too.

Hello again, I'm Beth.
I'm an art student at UL and I have a million and one things out there that I want to learn how to do. So saying I'm a "student" would probably be the best place to start. I spend a big chunk of time at the coffee shop Jean and I work at but I love bopping around Louisville discovering new things.  I'm hoping that I can share the more interesting parts about what I do and learn on a daily basis. I always have a handful of projects just lined up ready to go, from knitting and sewing to making something spectacular out of thrifted finds. Perusing new ideas is one of my favorite hobbies and being able to share those ideas should be a blast!

Have a beautiful day,

August 16, 2011


oh boy, how does one write their first blog entry? it's like, where do you start? a simple hello usually works for me.

so, hello there. i'm jean.

by day i work at a local coffee shop in louisville, by night i serve at a intimate spanish restaurant.  in between that i work with a lovely lady in town arranging her house to suit her life. i love my work and enjoy meeting new people everyday, the stories i hear delight my day. but what i love most is the things that keep my mind churning and musing in those down times of the day. i love planning parties, my family, cozy nooks, blogs, letters, bikes, and my boyfriend, oh & my roommate, beth, of course :^).

join beth & i on this adventure that will serve as an encyclopedia for our generation, something our children will browse through one day.