August 13, 2017

First Day of Pre-K

Hudson picking out his lunch box for his first day of Pre-K, he choose his cardinal one of course. 

Birthday boy josh & preschooler Hudson!

The 8 am bike gang before heading off to preschool.

This kid is so excited!

Baby brother is happy to have mom all to himself :)

Coool guy face :)

His classroom, his class is the Cedar's & his teacher is Mrs. Jeannie who taught Kindergarten for 38 years, we love her!!


Hudson pretending to be mom with her bible, glasses & headlight :) SOOOO cute!! This boy is constantly asking where's grandma at if she left the room, he adores grandma!

Snack out front with grandma - waiting on daddy to get home!

Lincoln watering the flowers, he loves to help out. He's saying I got you mom in the picture above :)