September 29, 2014

bbq cook off

Saturday Josh and I got a babysitter, her name is Whitney and we love her! So we headed to the grand metropolis of paducah, and yes I salivate when I go there and see all the stores they have!! Anyways we went to paducah to get some bbq from the 'famous' bbq cookoff. Here's some pictures of our day. 

This was so neat, there were kids in those balls - wild! I wanted to do it!

September 26, 2014


This morning Hudson and I sat in our backyard and watched for two hours a tree being trimmed. He loved watching the guy in the basket with the chainsaw and the limbs falling. Our neighbor alan who was having the work done came over with his dog Higgins and watched with us. Higgins and Hudson are super close, anytime Higgins is on his back deck he will endlessly bark until Hudson comes strutting out of our back door. And anytime we are out back Hudson is always glancing to see if Alan's back door is open which means Higgins can play!

This is Higgins beloved stuffed animal.

September 23, 2014

Banana Festival

The banana festival wrapped up on Saturday, they had a car show & a big parade that evening. Hudson's favorite part was the inflatables we made sure to get there early to avoid bigger kids. 

Fulton is known as the banana capital of the world because it's a huge stop for railroad cars when they shipped bananas they would stop in fulton to re-ice. So they say fulton is 'famous' for the banana festival, I think famous is a far stretch so I like to say they are 'known'  for it.

September 19, 2014

our everyday

Hudson loves popcorn!

Hudson drove to pick daddy up from work, he's not a bad driver! 

We went to the banana festival last night and Hudson had a ball. 

Off to take daddy to work this morning.

This was at the banana festival last night, take notes!

September 16, 2014


I'm training for a half marathon in Louisville in October, my dad is doing it with me. 

 This was from my run the other morning, not to bad of a view. 

storytime tuesday

We went to our second storytime yesterday, Hudson loves it. The book this week was pete the cat and his four buttons that popped off. Below is a wonderful timeline in pictures of our tuesday. Try and find Hudson (hint: he isn't sitting listening to the book being read. Shocker I know!)

Can you find him??

This is Hudson's new friend, Corey, he is 14 months old. We joined him and his older brother at the park after storytime.

This is Hudson's only dance move, people love it he always gets the attention with this foot stomper.

He sat here and swinged for 30 minutes while these trucks were working on the railroad, he kept pointing and saying, "tuck, tuck, tuck." 

September 13, 2014

Hudson Update

I haven't done an update on Hudson in a while so thought I would tell you what he's into these days.

He's almost 16 months!

Hudson loves books, they are by far his favorite thing to do he will either sit in his favorite red chair we have or he will walk up to you turn around and back up to you until he falls in your lap. Once the book is finished he will get up find another book and repeat it again. When I tell him we are going somewhere in the car he runs to grab a book and reads it the ENTIRE time in the car, I kid you not. He loves books!

Hudson says, "mama, dada, ball, moon (while pointing at the sky), nu-nu-nu (for food)." He loves cooking with me, he loves when I hold him and he watches as I add all the ingredients. His favorite is making smoothies with me which we do every morning and then I fill his sippy cup and he grabs it then starts dancing with excitement. Did I mention he loves to dance, anytime he hears music he starts dancing. As I type this he is running around the living room dancing because a guy is singing on good morning america.

Hudson loves playing outside he has a toy lawn mower that he takes everywhere outside. When josh mows he stands with his lawn mower and just watches josh's every move, pretty sweet.

He has a blankie that he adores, any time he gets sleepy which is often because he has now transitioned to one nap a day. He will go grab his blankey and he does this motion with his tongue almost as if he has a pacifier in his mouth but there is no pacifier and he moves his tongue in the same movement. That's when I know he's tired, do other kids do this? It's adorable!

He is an absolute joy to have, Josh and I just pinch ourselves at how lucky we are to have him. I have no idea what we did with our time before him but I just love our time with him. I'm so happy that I get to stay home with him. It's SO MUCH FUN!

September 12, 2014

our sweet boy

Here's some fun shots of Hudson from this past week. I found this place called weeplay and on Wednesdays mornings they have open bouncy for $5. Needless, to say we will be regulars. I also met some moms there so hopefully Hudson and I can make friends and have playdates!

Yep, He went all the way up turned around and went feet first in his belly!! It's okay mom!

Hudson's new hiding spot

Even though it rained for the most part yesterday Hudson still wanted to play outside. So I put on his swim trunks and let him go to town. 

Hudson's chore is getting the mail, he loves it!!