November 23, 2014

November 22, 2014

Traditions + thank you

We went to lowes today to get our Christmas tree. I love Christmas so I usually jump the gun on decorating, but who can blame me! This year we will be heading to louisville all week so I thought it may lift my spirits when we return home to have it all decorated. 

Thanks for all the help, prayers & support by the way. I'm 12 weeks today and (knock on wood) I'm feeling MUCH better. I really haven't given much thought to even having a second baby because I have been so sick. It is so nice to have some energy to think about our sweet gift we have coming soon. 

Hudson had so much fun at lowes, poor guy shed a few crocodile tears upon leaving. After we went to a cute little coffee shop in the town and had hot chocolate, it was a really fun morning. Hoping to make this a tradition! 

Currently this is at the top of Hudson's Christmas list!

November 21, 2014

not ready

So I found him like this after his nap today! What do I do? Not ready for this!!

November 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday Momma, hope you have a wondeful day with us in fulton!! My mom drove down this morning to see all of us and help me out a bit. We're so excited to spoil her. I made her a banana nut bread and a cupcake for her birthday cake. Above is the cupcake with candle and us singing happy birthday!! Mom told me not to put any pictures on the Internet but I just had to. She actually just told me again not too, woops!!   Love you mom!!

November 18, 2014

big brother

Hudson loves wrapping his baby, chips, in blankets and rocking him. He's going to be a great big brother!!

November 17, 2014

Snow Day!

Yesterday we got snow so I took hudson out for a few minutes to play in it. He loved it till it got too cold!

He loves building things, takes it very seriously!


Aunt Jessie came to visit us in fulton, this past weekend, to say it was a blast is an understatement! We went out to dinner, stayed up late playing settlers of Catan, drank hot chai, listened to our favorite music videos, oh and set up some Christmas decorations!

Jess was so great I really haven't been feeling well lately and chores have definitely gone to the wayside. She cleaned this house top to bottom, vaccumed out our car, helped me cook, she let us sleep in, oh and she did three loads of laundry for me. Can't tell you what a help it has been. I'm lucky to get out of my pjs most days, this morning sickness is for the birds!

Thanks Jess for coming down, it was so much fun!! You wore little hudson out!

November 13, 2014

Our everyday

Here is hudson cooking me a meal, it's one of his favorite activities. 

This is the nursery at the YMCA and as you can see hudson pays no mind to me. When we get there he walks himself all the way to nursery and never looks back at his dear mom. Then when I pick him up he takes one glance at me and goes right back to playing. 
He's also started wrapping his babies in blankets to keep them warm. He's going to make a great big brother!
On Monday the farmers were out getting their harvest. They haven't finished so the trucks are righty out our door. Hudson all day will walk up to the front door and yell, "big trucks big trucks." 

November 10, 2014


Hudson's going to be a big brother come May/June 2015!! We're very excited and this can probably explain my absence on here!! 

This pregnancy has been really hard so far, although I'm very thankful sometimes it's hard to remember why I'm so sick. We did have our ultrasound last week and everything looks great. It was also a great reminder as to why I've been so I'll, the heartbeat gets me everytime. 

I'm feeling better each day and I really try not to have any expectations for how my day will go. Josh has been so great with cleaning the house and really doing about everything that I typically do, plus going to work. Thanks josh!!

Anyways we are just thrilled for hudson to have a sibling!! Oh we find the gender out on January 19th so stay tuned!

November 8, 2014

family time

We started working on our homemade Christmas cards today. Hudson had so much fun, he took it very serious of course. 

November 7, 2014

Friday Fun Day

I took hudson to paducah today to meet a friend who lives there. Hudson had so much fun playing and socializing with the other kids. He just loves watching other kids play and meeting new people.

Hudson also really loves trains, he calls them "choo choo." The mall there actually has a train that they drive through the mall for kids. Hudson was beside him self as he rode in his first choo choo train. He would wave to people as we went by and when we finished he got out and clapped his hands and danced. I think today was a success!

November 6, 2014

BIG trucks

Took hudson to discovery park today, he had it all to himself for a while and loved it. 

Later that afternoon there was a paving company laying down new pavement. Can I just say, free entertainment! I absolutely love when big trucks are outside of our house working. Or when the big tractors are gathering their harvest in the field across from our house. The nice men wave at hudson as he stands there in awe, today he stood still for one hour and watched as they re-paved the street. One hour, did you catch that?! I sat on my chair and read a book, it was glorious. Sorry no pictures of this moment I didn't want to jinx myself by moving :) 

November 2, 2014

Our sweet boy

Hudson is learning so many new things, he recently started using this red bucket as his bowl and a wooden spoon to whip us up some food. I ask for a bite and he reaches out this spoon and gives us a nibble then does some more stirring and tossing in blocks to add seasoning and spoons out another's adorable! He's talking a lot! I bought him a book tonight that has pictures of everyday things and he sat down for so long just looking through the book and saying some of the things he knew. Train = choo choo, shoe = chew, sock = chalk, watch = oatch....

He also loves to help us when we do things, it usually takes twice as long but he loves it! I have him help me with laundry and he pushes the buttons on the machines, or helping josh fix something he will hold his tools. His so serious when he does it to he watches meticulously what josh is doing and holds his tools so carefully. What a sweetheart we have some days are so long but these years I have with him are passing so quick, so thankful I get to spend so much time with him.