April 30, 2017



Building a new lego set, wonder who has more fun dad or Hudson?? :)


Going to check our new house out & Lincoln has his rain boots & snack in hand!


My cutie josh at a training last week with a cummins red engine!


Hudson and Captain America with a minions backpack on, so sweet!



Boys playing on Bernard the polar bear

Scooter & bike riding in the alley


Got to babysit my girlfriends baby, Henry, last week who is 3 months old. We snuggled ALL day, so sweet!!

April 18, 2017



Our boys have Josh's mechanical mind! Lincoln LOVED puzzles now, he still loves book but puzzles can captivated him. His favourite is this Noah's Ark puzzle we do it about 40 times a day. He can do it entirely by himself and everytime he puts the right piece in he yells, yay & claps his hands - so sweet!!


Hudson and josh built this lego truck he got for easter, this kid with a little guidance from Josh can built this all by himself. He is so impressive! Look at that sweet smile, love these boys!!


April 17, 2017

Easter 2017


We had a wonderful easter in Louisville!!




April 13, 2017

Spring is here!


I threw an Easter party at a park on Monday and invited a few of Hudson's friends & their mommas. It was such a fun morning, I didn't take as many pictures as I hoped but that's how it goes!



Post egg hunt!


Issac & Hudson at donner park, they are the bestest of friends!

My friend watched the boys yesterday evening so we could go to the inspection at our new house. Lincoln had the time of his life on this roller coaster!


A friend gave us this awesome water table this week Hudson's sooo excited!


Lincoln and daddy


Lincoln mowing with Mater in his Pj's.


April 6, 2017

Full heart


Working on their mower.

Lincoln HAS to do EVERYTHING Hudson does. Anytime Hudson pulls his pants down, which is quite often, Lincoln does the same :) He has yet to pee like this but once he thinks he has he'll say all done and expect me to come over and help him get dressed again!

How to avoid having your brother getting into the Legos you're playing with, exhibit A above.

Waiting for grandpa to come visit!


Over & Out!

Dinner time is the quietest 5 minutes of my day until they start flinging food at each other. 

I completely understand why they say kids keep you young, I'd also like to add they keep me EXHAUSTED! Love my boys!!