July 5, 2014


Thankful for little log cabins and petting zoos.
For this sweet look on his face and for trying to memorize every move he makes. 

Thankful for a child's joy, there is nothing sweeter. 
Thankful for being there for all his firsts.

I'm so thankful for his excitement it reminds me that life is precious and that feeding a goat can be the best part of our day. 

For determination and that practice makes perfect.
For burrito making sessions and the simple reminder of the love of our family. 
For sweet papas who change poopy diapers and who run with me in the morning to help encourage me that I am beautiful. 
For generations of baths in this one tub, so thankful for all the memories I've had in this tub and all the memories Hudson will make - how special.
For sweet aunts who open their home to be our hotel all week, for care packages in the bathroom, for shopping trips, girl talk and for the sweet encouragement. 

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