January 31, 2015


So thankful to have Josh, our sweet boys have such a great father to model themselves after. Love you Josh. Thanks for all you do to support us three, for working long hours so we can stay home and play cars, explore parks, climb on playgrounds, nap, cook homemade meals & watch buses go by. So thankful for these days! 

January 30, 2015

our window

The world comes right to our window everyday. Hudson gets to see walkers, runners, trucks, cars, buses, mailmen, ups drivers, bikers, motorcycles, dogs being walked and so much more. Love this sweet boy!

January 29, 2015

friends visiting

Asked hudson to smile, how sweet is this!?
Our friends from Louisville came to visit this week, we miss them already. Above is Hudson & Lucy, she is 3 months younger than HW.

Above is Lucy's sister, Mimzy, she started to cry so Hudson went over to sing to her & rock her. 

January 26, 2015

bits & pieces

{Hudson with his new toddler bed, Lord help me I'm not ready for this!!}
{Saturday morning breakfast as a family at IHOP}
{Hudson's reading nook}
{Hudson kissing his dog}
{Big news!! Our offer got accepted on a house here. This is a picture of the living room, it's a beautiful old home that's been renovated, in a great school district & we are two blocks away from two different parks. Lord willing we hope everything works out with it. We also decided to set our house budget considerably lower than previously in Louisville, so I can choose to stay home while our kids are young.}

January 25, 2015

never be too safe

You never know when you may need a pair of safety glasses!! Hudson insists on wearing them everywhere, sweetest boy!

January 24, 2015

Little Things

Hudson thinks all strings (pant strings, window pulley strings, hoodie strings) are headphones. He will go get them and put him to his ear and act like he's listening to music - Too Cute!!

January 23, 2015

Cummins Automotive

On Josh's first week they took him on a tour and I had mentioned how he was going to see a busted engine suspended in air. Well here it is, pretty cool?! I know my grandpa will enjoy this, Josh just loved going on the tour and seeing this. 

Cummins has just revealed they are making a V8 engine for the new Nissan Titan, Josh says it's all the buzz at work. 

Story Time

Took Hudson Wednesday to the library's story time & he loved it! He actually participated and sat (relatively) still for the class! It was 30 minutes and each child got a colored mat to sit on. The class was full of songs and hand gestures, foot stomping & clapping to go along with the songs it was so interactive. We read 3 books and the kids were able to get up three times to get props from the teacher for each book we read. Hudson just loved it was so fun to take him here!

Hudson loved getting his hand stamped by the teacher at the end of class, he was proud of it all day!

January 20, 2015

Little Things

Sunday we were headed to church so I told Hudson meet me at the front door to go to nursery. So he runs to his room and grabs this bucket and waits for me at the front door with it. Melt my heart he's the sweetest!

Josh's job is going great he found out friday he's the lead project engineer for two sensors on the engine he works with, pressure & humidity sensors. His boss has been so great to work with he says, making him feel right at home & taking time to get him started. So proud of you Josh!! 

Open Gym & Gymnastics

Took Hudson to the gymnastics center for open gym yesterday and needless to say he had a blast. One mom called him the road runner boy because he only runs and never walks, that's my sweet Hudson! He was so tickled the whole time we were there he kept clapping & squealing out of joy!! How I know he had a great time this little guy took a 4 hour nap, yes 4 solid hours I actually got bored waiting for him to wake. Ha!

January 16, 2015

20 Months Old

Hudson is 20 months old today, that means in 4 short months I will have a two year old. Where's the pause button?! Hudson loves looking at pictures of his cousins, Aiden & Rowan, he thinks they're the coolest. 

He is also finally feeling back to normal these days, dancing, spinning, laughing & playing like his old self! He is also talking a lot more, he likes to repeat words that I say. Last night we went out and got a strawberry milkshakes and he kept saying, "milp shape." Cutest thing ever! We also saw a motorcycle today and he said, "mo cile." When he gets hungry he gets hungry he will say, "lunch." I feel like yesterday he was still drinking from a bottle, not sure how time how gone by so quick. 

January 14, 2015

Gymnastics Class

Well we made it to gymnastics class today, sweet Hudson is still pretty whiny from the ear infections but he's feeling much better! There were 3 other kids in our class today. 

In class they started with stretching, then we moved to Hudson's favorite part, the trampoline. The trampoline was flush with the ground and had cushions all around it so it was perfect for their age group. Hudson was by far the smallest out there but he dominated the trampoline. Next, was balance beam then the bars and lastly the obstacle course. They let the kids free play for a bit on the playground. I think next week will be even better for Hudson, hoping he gets over all this sickness and is back to his normal self!! 

Hudson 'patiently' waiting for class to start. 

Balance Beam

High Bars 

January 12, 2015

Baby #2 is a......

Hudson's going to have a little BROTHER!! I'm so excited, my heart is completely full - what a blessing!! Doctor said everything looks great. Now we need a name!

January 11, 2015


We've had a visitor this week & weekend, the flu visited me & a double ear infection for sweet Hudson. Yep it's struck us hard!! Keep us in your prayers!! 

January 9, 2015

Josh's new job

Josh is LOVING his new job, he's only three days in but he says it seems like everything he's dreamed he wanted in a job. Big statement I know. But let's remember where we have come from, teaching & dreaded Fulton.  I'm so happy and proud of him! 

Last night we stayed up late and Josh told me about all his co-workers and bosses and said they all are so enthusiastic about their work. Some have been doing this job for 2 years and some for 27 years. But he says they all have this passion to innovate better things and so much creativity. Today, he is looking at a busted diesel engine, putting it together, working through all the parts  and talking about the sensors in a car which is his role as a sensors engineer. (Snooze fest is my thought on it!!) 

The picture above was from his first day on Wednesday. Did I say I was proud of him, Congratulations Josh!! 

Sick Hudson

Sweet Hudson has been sick, yesterday he had a fever of 103. Miracoulsly he woke up with no fever today!! He's still orerry weak so we are having another  pajama party indoors with lots of pedialyte, movies, books & cuddles!!  

Oh and this is his favorite activity at our apartment. Looking out the window at all the cars & trucks. We try to find the buses and when we do hudson will say, "big bus" then do a little dance!! It doesn't hurt the high school is two blocks down on the street we are looking out. Love this sweet boy!!

January 8, 2015

Pottery Update

Here's my pottery I painted in kansas, I think it came out great. Although it isn't exactly how I had pictures it my mind. My take away is painting is hard, my sister is a pro not sure how she does it!! 

January 7, 2015

Dr. Seuss

On Monday we went to Indianapolis mall where we saw this Dr. Suess store, I told Josh we had to go in and snap some photos for my grandma and sister. It was a neat little store I loved all the different Dr. Suess characters heads that were mounted.