February 27, 2015

FIRST try!

Today I folded three loads of laundry, emptied dishwasher, cleaned apartment, took some items to the new house, cleaned basement AND got my sweet little boy to SLEEP IN HIS TODDLER BED!!

I remember the first night we brought Hudson home from the hospital oh we we're a hot mess. We had no idea what to do, and the responsibility of keeping him alive was so overwhelming. But somehow we've made it to here to this sweet boy sleeping in a big boy bed. Wow, we've come a really really long way! 

Bring on baby #2, I got this!!


We told Hudson it's time to start training for his cycling career. We're working on reaching the pedals, one step at a time!

February 26, 2015

dentist visits

Loved this - Happy Thursday!!

Here's some sweet pictures of Hudson too, never have too many of those.

Cutest bunny I've ever seen!

February 25, 2015

New House + Spills

Josh wanted to take a picture last night in our new home!!

This morning I got the opportunity to figure out how to get coffee out of the sofa thanks to my sweet little boy! Don't worry mom the coffee was ice cold, Hudson left the scene of the crime unscathed. But yes mom the couch is doing great since I know you were as worried about that as me :). Cleaned it three times and it's as good as new. Today I'm thankful for cleaning products & I'm also considering covering all my nice furniture in plastic wrap!

February 24, 2015

Our new home!

We closed on our house today, it's a gem & we love it. We really stayed true to our goal of drastically reducing our mortage (by 40%), of our other house, so we can pay it off and become debt free! We are so excited and thankful for this house and new opportunity in Columbus. - we are really loving living here!! 

Thanks Josh for being such a great teammate and for sticking to our goals. Here's to another move!!

February 23, 2015

Conversations with a Two Year Old

Mom: Do you want breakfast?
Hudson: No

Mom: Would you like to go to playground?
Hudson: No

Mom: Would you like to watch a cartoon?
Hudson: {silence}

Mom: Daddy's coming home, want to watch him in the window?
Hudson: No

Mom: Can you go get your shoes?
Hudson: No

Mom: Can you wave Hi?
Hudson: No

Mom: Would you like a treat?
Hudson: Peas!! {please}

This is two.

And this is fun.

Another Snow Day!

Schools were on another two hour delay  here, so our morning activites were cancelled. But we stayed in and baked banana bread together, cleaned & Hudson found his belly button. 

Hudson has learned how to put hats on so he will come out of his room wearing different hats all the time. This one is currently his favorite & he always manages to put it on backwards!

February 21, 2015

Snowed in Saturday!

Hudson perched on Josh!


Hudson likes to gather all his favorite automobiles and put them on a table and cover them with his favorite blankies!

Coloring with Dad.

All his trucks lined up again, and below he covers them with his most favorite blankie that he calls, B. 

February 20, 2015

It's Friday!!

My sweet helper! I started unloading dishwasher this morning and he came over and helped put up all the silverware. He was so proud of himself after he finished he clapped for himself, too sweet. He's been so sweet to me lately, coming up and holding my hand, giving random open mouth kisses all the time to me sometimes he will just look over at me and give the cheesiest smile, sure love this little guy. Hard to imagine adding another one to the mix I know Hudson will enjoy a friend though! 

We close on our house Monday it looks like so stay tuned for house pictures in the coming weeks. Poor Josh has to move everything without me, at least I can unpack boxes and clean the house!! Looking forward to getting more settled and getting more indoor play room for Hudson, winter is always a hard time for toddlers!!

Happy Friday!!

Hudson now knows what earbuds are he loved listening to the music and dancing!

Hudson likes to put daddy's hats on all by himself. That's the look of a proud boy who loves his daddy!!

This was after their last snow adventure, I made them some hot cocoa, Hudson loved it!!

February 17, 2015

little things

Here's Josh & Hudson after playing in the snow the other day! I made them some yummy hot cocoa to warm them up after being in single degree weather, brrr!!

We're hoping to close on the house this Friday, yay!! Excited to get a little more settled and not having to search through boxes when I need something, it's the little things!! 

Columbus IN Children's Muesem

I took Hudson to the Children's muesem today, we met a friend, Vanessa, and her daughter, Alexa, who I met recently. She has a 5 week old son, Charlie, also so I pretty much think she's a rock star for being mobile with such a young baby!!

Here is Alexa & Hudson making a bubble, you pull the string and it creates a bubble around them. 

It had a lot of books & crannies for small kids to explore.

This giant toilet was actually a slide! I know kinda gross but to a kid no big deal!