June 28, 2016


H: Mom I need some space! (he so learned that from me!!!)

H: oh mom Lincoln just don't know :)

H: I can do it all by myself!

Me: Hudson I just asked Isaac's mommy if they can join us at the park!

H: mom you're smart as a whip!

H: I just need to go check on Lincoln he likes to get into trouble! 

Man I LOVE this sweet boy, he makes our days infinitely sweeter!!

Parks water & Bootcamp

Hudson in new shoes & a trip to the park!

He's soo cute!!

Went to a fun waterpark in Indy on Saturday the boys loved it!

Bootcamp Saturday morning @ 6 am with a couple friends who've been taking my class since I came to Columbus!! On Saturdays we meet at a park that has an outdoor amphitheater it's really fun to be out there as the sun comes up. Saturday mornings are my favorite!

June 24, 2016

Our everyday

Josh getting creative with names!

Choo choo time before bed

Gymnastics! This is after Hudson asked to go potty, have I told you this is day 4 of potty training. He's doing really well even taking naps in big boy underwear & staying dry. Hudson is really into Paw Patrol these days so I got him a pack of paw patrol underwear & that has motivated him!!

The sweetest moments 

June 21, 2016

Hudson says...

Hudson is saying the cutest things these days here's a few!!

H: mommy my belly is empty I need to put food in my mouth and fill my belly so my pee pee can grow big.

H: mommy I love your big nose, I have a small nose

H: oh mommy that smells so good thanks for making me breakfast 

H: (when Lincoln is getting into his toys) mommy I think Lincoln needs a nap he is tired, (then he starts Singing) twinkle twinkle little star 

June 20, 2016


We had a wonderful Father's Day! Josh went on a bike ride with a buddy prior to church Sunday, then after church he went golfing with another friend for the afternoon. 

So we spent the afternoon at the park & decided to walk a couple blocks to the ice cream shop!

Saturday josh & I got a babysitter for 2 hours and went for a bike ride & grabbed a quick dinner. It was SO fun!! 

Hudson working in the kitchen. 

Boys making me soup & coffee - yum!

June 17, 2016

This & that

Took the boys to the splash park today, Lincoln loved it Hudson not so much. 

We spend most of Lincoln's morning naps on the front porch - love him!

Sweet moments are showing
Up more often!!

Library visit!

June 13, 2016

Gratitude Monday!

Hats that fit in summer time!

Snacks in the swing!

Sweet boys who always want to help

For his first time playing with the hose!

Nap time bike rides when your sister visits, Love you LIZ!!!!

Celebrating 4 years with my sweet Joshie, we went out to an early dinner Saturday then walked around some antique stores, went to a mom and pop chocolate store & stopped by target on the way home to get toilet paper :)

For an exciting day at the farmers market & my car stocked with signs!

My booth! 

For my families support!

Here's to gratitude & how it turns everything into enough!

June 9, 2016

family photo shoot spring 2016

Here's the pictures from our family shoot a few weeks ago :: we went to a sweet friends farmhouse a few minutes away. It was such a fun time, the boys got to watch tractors out in the field, it made for a memorable evening. 

There's nothing I treasure more than sweet pictures of the greatest gifts I've been entrusted with, love these precious boys!!