July 23, 2014


Hudson loves stuffed animals, he found himself in here during a playdate today. Currently at our house we are missing our Papa, Josh is in Mexico City. Saturday he leaves and travels to Germany for 3 weeks. During that time I'm staying busy by packing our entire house and moving it to our new home in Fulton, Ky. Yay!! It sounds like a lot which it is, but it is keeping my mind off of Josh which really is a blessing so I'm not complaining. Packing has also given me the opportunity to sort out what we need and what we don't, I love organizing so I'm really enjoying myself - Shhh don't tell Josh, I'm trying to milk this for all I got.

But we do miss him a lot, but luckily we live in a day that has facetime so we are able to see his sweet face most mornings and evenings. We are very fortunate he is willing to sacrifice the way he does to provide for us, so thank you Josh! We love you!

Here's some pictures from the past few days of our sweet boy.

Hudson learned how to remove his diaper during a nap, this is how I found him when he woke! 

Hudson and his new 'muscle tee'.

Hudson loves to drink water from ANY source.

Slip n Slide with his cousins, Aiden & Rowan, I just love this photo!

Helping his Uncle Chad mow the grass.

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