March 23, 2017

3 boys!


On Thursday's we keep Porter, my friends son who is about to graduate from nursing school. She has clinical Thursday so I just help her out, my boys love porter!! I took them to the commons this morning that's them running to the door above. 


Lunch time with 3 boys is so fun!


Hop to it :) They make the cutest clothes for boys


My climbing boys, I realize how agile and active they are when other kids come over. Porter only made it that far and he's older then Lincoln. 

March 22, 2017

The Hanger


Josh started his new job Monday as International On Board Diagnostics Project Lead Engineer. We're over the moon proud of him!!! This week is orientation since he's now a Cummins employee. Monday he didn't have to go in till 2 so we woke up and went out to the airport in town and had breakfast at the hanger. The boys love watching the planes take off & land. It's such a fun place & was so special celebrating josh!!


Hudson's being silly here he loved sitting on this bench since we were the only ones there on a Monday morning. 



I took the boys to the children's muesum downtown today, they had so much fun. We had a group of friends meet us there & I had to drag them out. They've both hit a stage where when they go somewhere they want friends to be there, it's so sweet seeing their relationships flourish!

Lincoln loved the Mr. Potato head & shooting basketballs.


Hudson built this super cool house all by himself as he called it & all the kids thought it was so cool. They all came over and played with it he said mom I'm the host and I'm having a party just like you! He said I'm going to make everyone cookies, he's SUCH a sweet boy.  So blessed by him!



March 13, 2017

So little time


Few pictures of the boys! They keep me on my toes, anytime there down for nap I've been laying down myself. Sorry for not posting more, I need 4 more hours in the day and another set of hands!






March 2, 2017

Craft Time


We had a great morning today. This is my little craft room in the basement, it's unfinished which makes it a great space to get messy. I made a little spot for the boys to do projects & they LOVE it. This morning Hudson painted waster sun catchers as gifts for his grandparents. He loves painting! Lincoln likes to color and transfer markers from one basket to the next. So thankful for this space to get creative with the boys!!