August 31, 2015

Parks in the morning

We went to the park this morning and met up with our friends. Lincoln prefers being carried on me when we venture out. Hudson just adores bebe and is always asking, talking about him and wanting to play with him. It's the sweetest!

The lake!

We had such a great time at the lake Saturday. Josh did some wake boarding and him and Hudson tubed and I was able to waterski & I got up on my first try ever. It was a lot of fun!! 

This is our friends from church house in the background. They were so sweet to have us out, it was really nice getting to know them and the other two couples that joined us! 

This is my dear friend Jill, she lives a few blocks away from me and we do a lot together. She also stays at home and just had her third baby 6 weeks ago. Very thankful for our friendship!!

Family photo!

Lincoln enjoyed the lake too, he loved all the sounds and the fresh air. 

August 28, 2015

Falls coming!

Made some fallish flowers for above our mantle this week. It was super easy I used some lunch sized brown paper bags I had lying around, glue & sissocrs. I think they turned out great!

pictures pictures

Here are some pictures from our week, we've been super busy enjoying these 70 degree days. Hope this weather stays around! Tomorrow we got invited to a couple we know from church to their lake house. They have boats & jet skis so we are hoping to do some tubing and waterskiing. I will take plenty of pictures!!

This sweet hat was made from a lady at MOPS, she made all the summer babies knitted hats - how sweet!?

In our goodie bag from MOPS was a duster Hudson knew exactly what to do with it. He was singing clean up clean up - Love him!

Yesterday, I set up construction station outside with some rice and his trucks. He loves piling the trucks up with rice and dumping it, as I say it's the little things :)

We took Hudson to bmx on Tuesday you can tell from his face below he was having fun! 

Cute picture of Hudson sleeping. We moved his bedroom to the basement so Lincoln could start sleeping in the crib and I can nurse in there at night. Eventually they will sleep together we hope in a few months but for now this works great. Lincoln's room is next to ours so when I get up at night it's super convenient. 

August 26, 2015

MOPS 2015

MOPS started back today, Yay!! Hudson was very excited he had his new shoes on, his truck backpack with B in it & his monster truck which stayed in the car :). I should've got a picture with Lincoln and him too, but I was lucky to remember this!

Lincoln also went and he did great, it was the first time I've ever left him and granted I was down the hall it's always hard. But he almost made it the whole 2 hours and 15 minutes but with 20 minutes to go he got hungry. So they brought him to me so I could nurse him, easy peasy.

Getting ready to leave - sweet boys. Hudson was so excited while Lincoln just wanted me to hold him!

This was Hudson when I came in to pick him up, he kept saying look mommy look! They had all these containers filled with colored sand and had shovels and buckets he just loved it! This year Hudson is a duck, and they get to leave their classroom to go to music class & storytime. Last year he was a bunny and music & storytime would come to them. Big boy! After I dropped him off a few friends came to tell me that every kid in the duck room was crying except Hudson he was just jumping around playing with a car and holding B. Makes my heart happy!!

The theme this year is a fierce flourishing, this was our goodie bag. I'm so excited for another year, it's such a great program and I've made SO many friends. I'm also hosting bunco in September at my house, I'm super excited I love having parties. I told Josh he can hang out in the basement and watch TV and I will bring him a plate of food :) My group this year is called the desert poppies, every group is named after a flower. 

How MOPS works is we eat brunch, which each group has a day they make the brunch once in the fall and once in the spring and it's a full spread you wouldn't believe how nice it is. Then our coordinator goes over announcements and then we have a speaker, each time we meet its a different speaker. Then we break off and go into our smaller groups to talk and discuss the talk we just heard. It's such an encouragement to be a part of this. 

In the goodie bag was this sweet pray calendar so everyday you can be reminded to pray for your children. How sweet?!

August 24, 2015

Hudson's return!

We had a great weekend, we put this super cute outfit on Lincoln Sunday - how sweet?!

Hudson was so happy to see 'bebe' when he got home! 

Josh is working on making a functioning engine out of ONLY paper, isn't he cute?!

Here is a link of a YouTube video to get an idea of what he's making!! He will make a straw that you connect on to the engine and blow into it and it will work. He's so creative!!

August 22, 2015

One baby

All we've talked about is Hudson, but boy do we wonder why we ever complained with only one child :) Happy Weekend!! We're off to the farmers market!!

August 21, 2015

Lazy weekend

We took Hudson to his Aunt Jessie's yesterday to spend the weekend. He was so excited he went and grabbed his truck backpack and packed it with all his essentials: B, monster truck, 5 matchbox cars, a book, his bunny, chips the monkey and a second B for safe measure. When he got in her car first thing he did was grab his backpack and  showed her everything he packed / sweet boy!! 

We are going to miss him but have a fun weekend planned to do absolutely nothing!!! Josh wants to go on a mountain bike ride, I have hopes to go shopping today and to nap. We are really exciting aren't we?! 


Family walks

Boys conspiring against us :) 

Husbands who take toddlers on their bike ride. 

Baths with my littlest 

For his sweet silly spirit 

Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough!

August 18, 2015

3 months // Lincoln Tucker

This little guy is so relaxed but he is very particular as well. He really likes for things to be calm & quiet which makes things interesting with having a toddler. He is nursing so much faster which leaves more time to play and explore. 

He likes his baby gym for a few minutes but then gets overwhelmed so as long as he can see me he is okay to hang out there. But when he can't see me he's not happy. Lincoln loves when I carry him around and loves being in the baby carrier on my chest. When I see him yawn and get a bit restless I just lay him down in his crib and he falls asleep looking at his mobile and sucking on his thumb. Have I told you how good of a baby he is??!! Praise God!! Occasionally he likes for me to rock him to sleep as I stand and do that bounce all mommas know. But he's just started to like to drift off on his own :)

                   {milk coma :)}

He typically goes to bed around 8:30-9:30 and will most often sleep till 4 or 5. Some nights he will wake at 2 and want a little snack, but his night sleep is pretty great.  He still sleeps in a pack n play in our room, and naps in his crib during the day in Hudson & his room. 

This little guy LOVES to smile & coo and his smile is so big and sweet. We can already tell he has so much Joy and zeal in him. Looking forward to see more of his personality come out. 

Things are really good now, I mean I'm completely exhausted by the time 7 pm rolls around but our home is so full of love. These boys have brought us so much joy, laughter and so much innocence. We just have the best times and some really tough times too but we get through them with a whole lot of grace!