July 31, 2015

Baby cold

Sweet Lincoln has a cold, please say a prayer for him! It's awful listening to your baby have a stuffy nose, sneezing non-stop & coughing. :(

It's Friday!!!!

Hudson 'playing' trucks with Lincoln.

Hudson loves Bebe

Summer fun

Trucks & Rice toddler success! 

Changing maters oil

Working trucks 

Do you see all those diapers :) That was one hour, did I say I'm glad it's Friday!! 

Hudson saying broke truck... See the trunk open, he doesn't miss a beat!

Aunt Lizzie the baby whisperer :)

July 28, 2015

Lu You

Hudson is really starting to pay attention to Lincoln and he's so sweet with him. At first he would try to love on him and it was just really rough but he's learned to be gentle with him. 

This morning I was in the dining room and had Lincoln in the swing in our living room, well I hear Hudson run to the living room so I peek my head in and Hudson is standing there watching Lincoln covering him with his B and saying, "hi bebe, lu (love) you, lu you Bebe, oh Bebe hi Bebe." It was so sweet! 

So excited to watch these boys grow up, everyday is so fun with them even the no good hard days are still a blessing with them. Just gotta keep remembering that :)


This morning we went on a 3 mile walk, it is so nice to get out of the house and enjoy this nice weather. I packed Hudson a snack, trucks and of course his B which kept him busy on the walk. It's also trash day so we saw the trash truck (as Hudson calls it) 5 times which he LOVED. Lincoln slept away in the baby carrier on me!

I gave Lincoln a bath this morning which he loves, he's such a calm baby and just goes with the flow on most things. He also is very observant with his surroundings I can always tell he is taking everything in. 

Joyce brought me these beautiful hydrangeas from her garden, I love having fresh flowers in the house. Thanks Joyce they're my favorite flower :)

July 27, 2015


Super dad carrying both the boys out of church so I could have a relaxing day!

Sweet outfits

For my boys 

For family coming to visit 

Baby faces :)

Good conversation 

New toys!

Brotherly love 

My family 

Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough! 

July 25, 2015

Farmers Market

We love going to the farmers market, it makes for such a fun morning. We walked thisornimg from our house it took us about 10 minutes to get there. This week we got kale which we always get, corn on the cob, homemade sourdough bread and pork from a local farm. We would get more veggies but we run out of room and time :)

This week they had a ballon artist and I just had to get Hudson one. 

When it was our turn he asked what we wanted and Hudson said... Take a guess ... :) TRUCK. So he recommended Mater! 

So I had to know all about this hobby of his and he said he's been doing this since 1980 & competes internationally. I asked him how long it takes to learn a new project and he said not long at all, he has hundreds memorized. All he needs is a picture and he can make it is what he told me, WOW!! 

July 24, 2015

this & that

I love this outfit & this little boy!!

Hudson loved putting his tools in his pockets, which he just discovered :) I also taught him how to scratch, which explains what he's doing in the picture!!

Lincoln napped at the park while Hudson played. 

Hudson mowing the yard for me.

Braided Lizzie's hair yesterday when she came to visit!

Snuggles, HW loves Liz!

We had a fun time yesterday, always good to have my sister visit!

July 22, 2015

July 21, 2015


Mom we are going to miss you so much, thanks for all you've done to prepare us for your leave. Also, for all you've done for us recently we have LOVED having you stay with us!! I have barely done laundry since Lincoln was born because of you, thank you!

We are so proud of you for using your life to serve others and go where most never will. Using your talents to help heal people who have nothing, we love hearing your stories from abroad. We certainly will miss your presence here but know you are taken care of. We pray for you every single day & look forward to your return. You are so brave for going and we admire how bold your heart is. Thanks for being such an example to our boys. 

We love you!!!!!!

See you on skype soon :)

He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. 

Psalm 91:4

Weight & Outfits

This little guy is 12 lbs 4 ounces he's in the 55% percentile for weight & 23 inches long which is the 55% for height too!

Lincoln also got 3 shot (boo!) he was in a lot of pain from them so Tylenol it was yesterday. When we got home I had to hold him for most of the day because it was hurting g him so bad, he's as muffler I tell you. 

He's doing much better this morning, so thankful! 

Oh Hudson!!!

My sweet boys in their matching outfits from their Great Grandma Schneider.