October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

We had such a fun Halloween!! We were able to FaceTime my mom, my grandma Kramer & Nana, Aunt Jessie & Uncle Chad!!

Trick or treating was so much fun, Hudson just loved running around with his friends filling up his pumpkin. He greeted everyone with trick or treat and quickly said 'dank you'as he raced off to the next house!! Such a great time making memories with him, beautiful weather & time with our sweet friends. We met at our friends house and ate a chili, cornbread, apple cider, puppy chow - Such a fun evening!!

October 30, 2015

Autumn nights

Hudson and his best friend Issac holding hands on their stroller ride to the park for a birthday party. How sweet! 

These two just adore eachother, so thankful for neighbors who are also our best friends!!

Church friends! 

Hudson eating his cupcake in the leaves, he loved playing in the leaves. Kept jumping in them & throwing them in the air so they would fall on his face. Sweet memories!

October 29, 2015

Our everyday

Today is a much better day! The sun is shining, Lincoln is feeling better & Hudson seems to be less whiney!! Here's some pictures from our morning today. Hudson loves carrying around his trucks in his pumpkin and lining them up everywhere he goes. Lincoln likes to be held all the time :) Enjoy your day we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine & I'm hoping to get a nap in today if the boys bless me with napping at the same time!! 

October 28, 2015


Today's a tough day I'm holding on tight!!  Here's some sweet pictures of these boys that are giving me a run for my money!! 

Guess who picked the monster truck to be carved in the pumpkin...??? :)

Hudson's pumpkin him and aunt Jessie carved!!

October 24, 2015

Hudson's Vacation

Hudson had a really boring weekend! His Aunt Jessie, Nana & Pappy schlepped him to a pumpkin carving light up at Iroquois Park....

Then they took him to the zoo Friday evening for trick or treating....

Then Saturday Aunt Jessie took him to a pumpkin patch and he rode a train... 

Snooze Fest :) 

Jess said Hudson wanted this gourd & he wouldn't leave it alone so she said to Hudson, 'if we don't leave now we will miss the train ride.' She said this thinking he would drop it and be excited for the train ride. Well holding the gourd he runs as fast as possible to the train - Haha - How sweet, love this boy!! 

She wound up buying it for him and here it is in his lap on the way home!!!

So as you can see the poor boy isn't getting any attention & having no fun!!

Thanks to our sweet family for loving on our boy, we love you!!


Did I tell you josh got me this amazing blender for my birthday!! My kitchen aid blender but the dust back in the spring and I've been wanting one to replace it. He surprised me with this amazing blender that blends up vegetables, soups, makes nut butter, smoothies - pretty much anything! I've been using it for making smoothies but last night I decided to make my spaghetti sauce.  I love to chop up carrots, celery & onions to put in the sauce & this saved me so much time. I just threw it all in and viola a few seconds later it's all chopped up. I forgot to take a picture of it blended up but you get the idea :)

And for dessert pumpkin cookies with the brown sugar frosting, what a fun weekend!!