September 29, 2016


Here's some signs I've done recently, I have about 10 I'm going to frame up this afternoon & hopefully shop out tomorrow!!

A local boutique carries a few of my signs !

September 27, 2016

Ice Cream

We ran out before bedtime & got some ice cream because well... ice cream!! The boys loved it & we enjoyed it outside - Isn't this weather amazing!!!


We had a fun weekend in Louisville, here's a few pictures! 

Lincoln had his 16 month check up yesterday & had a double ear infection. So we're taking it easy today!

Sweet boys on way toLouisville.

Pappy & Nana took Hudson fishing!

Picnic he packed in his minion backpack. 

He played & fished hard!

Josh went
Golfing Saturday with Jess!

September 23, 2016

Best friends

That's my best friend 'wincoln' I love him :)

Hudson hard at work with his tool belt on

Hudson has switched his beloved B from a Aden & Anais swaddled blanket to a FITTED SHEET!! It's so sweet!! Love this boy. 

September 22, 2016

Story time

Story time at the library!!

Half way thru Hudson meandered over to sit by his friend Bennett! :)

After he played cars on the rug

Lining them up!

September 21, 2016


I'm alive & feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!! To celebrate after MOPS this morning we went & got a smoothie. It was the first substantial thing I've had since Sunday breakfast. 

Lincoln got a fun chair 

And of course B did too! 

This is how I found Lincoln when I picked him up from MOPS, they said he played hard :) 

His teachers are the sweetest & most don't have family here or don't have grand babies so they LOVE when we bring our babies to them. This sweet teacher is one of Lincoln's favorites! 

He's precious!!

September 20, 2016

lots of pictures

Drug myself out of the house today & took the boys to the children's muesum. I'm still feeling pretty bad, but better each day!

Hudson helping Lincoln color.

Dr. Hudson checking on his sick patient, mommy. 

Hudson feeding his doggie

So Hudson asked the other day if he can have tea like Grandma. So I heated some apple cider up just a tad & he loves it. Every morning he asks for tea like Grandma! We miss you momma!!

Lincoln dressed for church Sunday!

Josh and I took the boys to the children's meusem Saturday too. It was Josh's first time there, I'm pretty sure he had the most fun of all. 

Best daddy in the world right there, these boys are SO lucky!!