November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday Mom - love Hudson, Josh and I

Doughnut birthday cake :^)

(For some reason this didn't post on Tuesday! Sorry mom!) happy birthday I love you

November 19, 2013

6 months old

Hudson turned 6 months old on Saturday. 

Loves: His toes, smiling, standing, being tickled, eating solids, crowds, putting anything and everything in his mouth.  

He is really starting to teeth these days and he is cutting naps but still sleeping like a champ, 7-7 every night! Going places with him is super easy he loves being out and about and sitting in the front of the shopping cart. He loves stuffed animals, we have Pooh Bear and he acts like it's his friend by giving him kisses, pretty cute! He is sitting better and better each day and we have started giving him baths in the big tub while holding on to him - He loves being able to splash more this way. I'm going to start making his baby food in the next few weeks (once my training is over), these jars of baby food really add up! 

{This boy is all smiles all the time}

November 15, 2013

that kind of day

It's a suspenders and bowtie kind of day here! We dressed up real nice to go meet Beth for lunch at our favorite spot, Blue Dog Bakery. 

Thanks beth it was SO SO SO great seeing you!

xo jean & hw

year of parenting

It hasn't been a year ( 6 months tomorrow!!!!) but the one thing I have learned is the word, We. I like it so much more than Me! 

November 13, 2013

slowing time down

Hudson is almost 6 months old! Where has the time gone I keep asking myself?! I'm soaking in everything he does knowing how fleeting and precious this time is with him. I can't begin to describe just how delightful he is, we have so much fun together getting to know each other.  Our days are slow and easy together. Sometimes I catch him just staring at me as I'm cooking or folding laundry and he will be grinning ear to ear. These are the times I think my heart could burst with love for him.  

He is changing so quickly everyday is an adventure with him. 

{Josh carried Hudson around as we shopped and near the end he simply fell asleep in his arms - it was the sweetest.}

{After a long day of shopping, he is giving momma the stink eye!}

November 4, 2013

daddy's boy

What a fun weekend, the trees are absolutely beautiful - It's one of the prettiest falls I remember! Josh and I ran our favorite park, Iroquois, Sunday and pushed our sleeping boy. 
Hudson attended his first uofl soccer game! Josh is a proud papa toting him around on his hip with a smile ear to ear.
My lumber jack and froggie on Halloween.
What I came home to Friday after doesn't get better than these two!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!