March 27, 2013


I really can't imagine growing any bigger, my sister says my belly looks like a pinata!

Thanks to josh for the picture, since I have four t-shirts that completely fit over the both of us I usually walk around the house will my belly out.  I think Hudson likes it that way, it reminds Josh that Yes I'm carrying a baby in here and Yes I could use a back rub. :^)

March 26, 2013

Hudson's Nursery

These are a few pictures of Hudson's Nursery so far, the beautiful painting is my my very talented artsy sister, don't you love it?! 

The mobile Josh and I made over the weekend, we saw a few geometric mobiles we really liked and then found some templates that you could print onto paper to help you fold these shapes together. It was really fun and turned out great, I hope the little guy likes it.

The drawings on the wall are by my sister of course! There is one of our favorite childhood book Mr. Brice and The Three Mice, I can still remember my grandmother reading me that book when I was young. The other is from Josh's favorite book, The Little Prince. 

March 25, 2013

weekend recap


This was our Saturday, josh drinking sweet tea, working in the yard while I sit by the fire with my feet propped up soaking in the sun.

Poor little Hudson had the hiccups twice this weekend, it nearly broke my heart. I really don't like hiccups so I felt so bad for him. :(

March 21, 2013

10 weeks to go!

I was 30 weeks yesterday and I can't believe I have less than 10 weeks till I meet this little guy! Pregnancy is going great, I'm a little more uncomfortable than before but that is to be expected, sleeping is very interesting. Josh is already starting to understand how I feel of not being able to sleep through the night, I woke him up the other night, after Hudson kicked me very hard, Josh said, "well i was sleeping." ( In the sweetest voice might I add!) 

In other news, I finished all my observation hours today!!! I absolutely loved observing at the hospital and was reminded of why I want to go into Physical Therapy. It was so much fun I did everything from Inpatient, Outpatient and Rehab. My absolute favorite was Outpatient, it's exactly what I want to do. I was surprised also by how much I enjoyed Inpatient, which is physical therapy with patients in the ICU. You may ask how can you do therapy on someone in ICU, I thought the same thing, but it's all trying to get them out of bed. Even if they are just sitting on the side of the bed or it's a walk down the hallway that's the goal with ICU patients. 

I'm soaking up my last few days of spring break before it's back to crunch time at school. 

March 18, 2013

diy candle

a few weeks ago i made soy candles for the first time ever. i wanted to make my sister-in-laws & mother-in-law a thank you gift for hosting my baby shower. they turned out great and were really simple to make, i used a lavender essential oil i had to fragrance the candle. 

March 13, 2013

baby shower pictures

Here are a few pictures from my baby shower on Sunday!! I had so many friends & family that came in from out of town, it was such a wonderful day. 

Thanks to everyone who made that day SO special!!

{hand crotched blanket from Joyce} 

{hand sewn blanket from a good friend Linda, with Hudson's initials on the car}

{we LOVED this gift, maybe be making copies:^)}

{me with the wonderful hostesses!!}

{jessie's cake for my shower, the flavor was dreamsicle, yummy!!}

March 8, 2013

How to get along for 500 days alone together

I read a fascinating article about a couple who lived alone together for over a year and how they managed not to kill each other. I would like to think that Josh and I could do the same thing one day if necessary. That our goal will always be, as Deborah Shapiro says, "Our main goal is to support each other through every phase in life." 

She also says in the article, "Both Rolf and I still consider the 270 days we spent alone in Antarctica as the highlight of our lives." 

To read the full article on BBC, click here.

March 7, 2013

new day

I got my hair trimmed yesterday and bought a new pair of maternity jeans. I told josh I felt like a new women, it was exactly what I needed. As my body changes sometimes it's hard to embrace the change but I'm thinking these elastic waistband pants are going to make a world of difference. It will at least keep me a little bit more comfy during the day!

Hudson is the size of a head of lettuce and weighing in at 3 lbs! His moves feel less like kicks and more like rolls, the doctor says space is becoming a premium in my belly. We are getting our crib in the mail today or tomorrow, can't wait! Josh is going to have a nice project to work on which he is excited about since he loves putting things together!!

Well off to take my last test of this first semester...dun dun dun. Wish me luck!

March 5, 2013

baby thrifting

every year a company called little treasures comes to town. it's where you can sell your baby/kids stuff you no longer use at consignment and a place where you can buy consignment items.  my aunt comes every year and loves it so i thought i would come, they let expecting moms come a day early to shop so liz and i headed out!

here are a few things we picked up for hudson and i. i couldn't resist getting him a few outfits, and this moon & star light. i also got me 2 tops & a brand new nursing nightgown with robe. all in all i spent $30 bucks, can you believe that?!

liz bought the outfit on the right for hudson & a few of her favorite childhood books to read to him! he is already spoiled!!

this rocker was on sale super cheap so my grandmother bought this as a present for Hudson so now we have a glider for his room. i think i'll be spending a lot of time rocking him in this chair!!

this was just a neat looking kids bed. it was already sold!

{sorry pictures aren't great but it gets the point across!}

March 4, 2013

weekend recap

i made some homemade samoas over the weekend, i even made the caramel from scratch. they came out great, i would say they have a pretty similar taste to the original girl scout cookies but not the exact flavor. i'm not sure i will ever attempt this recipe again it took me 3 hours to make these, i was exhausted, needless to say.

we have our last two tests of this semester tomorrow and thursday - i'm SO ready for spring break!!! i'm especially ready for the baby shower on sunday & to see so many friends and family who are visiting!

as far as pregnancy things are good, my iron is low so i started taking iron pills everyday. sleep is getting harder, i spend most nights laying in bed trying to fall asleep and trying to get comfortable. the other half is spent using the restroom, the baby is head-first with his head in my pelvis which is right where my bladder lies. i spend a lot of nights awaken by his movements, i am always wondering what he is doing in there. we have begun to talk about birth plans with my doctor, she has recommended me to take lamaze classes since i'm at a high-risk for an epidural. it's funny to talk to people about their views on epidurals, a lot of people have said. 'it can't be done without one,' i always reply with, 'well i won't be the first.' so hopefully the lamaze classes help me with the ability to get through the pain!