January 30, 2016


We're having a great weekend, so thankful for these sweet boys!! 


And we have TEETH!! 

I know, I know he's pretty stinkin cute! 

January 28, 2016


These past two weeks have been hard. Lincolns learning to stand & pull up so he constantly wants to practice. He also is going through separation anxiety. Shew! And it's winter, cue cabin fever. It's a season I know, one that I hope quickly passes!! 

January 26, 2016

Pink eye

Both boys have pink eye, send help! 

We are surviving, it's not pretty!

January 20, 2016

Snow day!!

Today was a snow day!!! So we embraced it & had a fun day, well minus Lincoln not napping. Poor Joshie I think I literally threw Lincoln in his arms and ran. 😬 shew!

Put bags over Hudson's gloves to make sure they didn't get wet! 

Fort building!

He just started standing at his piano!

Loves blueberries & is starting to love solids, yay!!!

Mom, Josh picked out a new coffee machine as his gift. He said THANK YOU!! Sweet Lincoln broke our French press so we found this & it saves us so much time in the morning. Thanks!!

New things

Hudson has started sitting at the table with us for meals instead of his high chair. We love it! For lunch & breakfast he will stand on his step stool, best $10 I ever spent, and eat at the butcher block island in the kitchen. He's growing up so quick it melts my heart!!

January 18, 2016


This is how we do Monday's when Lincoln naps, breakfast & cartoons in bed with my sweet Hudson.

January 15, 2016

Hudson 32 months

{Woops I'm a day late!}

Things I don't want to forgot about this age of Hudson ::::

How you say look at this mommy look at this mommy, 15 times in a row fast about everything!
Driving in a car with you and you being able to not only point out every type of truck & car but also hear them and tell me what type of vehicle if is.
How you always know where we are driving & your constantly telling me to turn different ways because you always remember where any construction site is. 
How absolutely sweet & caring you are!!
How worried you get when Lincoln is crying & you will sprint to find me & say 'mommy Bebe sad, come now!' 
When I find you loving on your brother if I've left the room or turned my back. 
For Christmas you got Lincoln a stuffed monkey & anytime he cries you give it to him & he smiles.
How you hide all his toys because you think all he ever wants is the monkey you got him for Christmas. 
How willing you are to help me do anything & everything. You're always one step ahead of me & always offering to help. I love how generous you are!

Hudson you're an absolute GIFT!!!

January 14, 2016

Lincoln 8 months

Where has the time gone?!?! I'm not sure if everyone learns this when they have children but time is absolutely precious. 

Crawling everywhere reminds me I need to babyproof stat!
Loves Hudson
Doesn't want to be far from me, he will crawl across the room then turn around find me crawl back to me then repeat it all over agin. So cute!

Starting to like solids!
Sleeping all night 2/3 naps a day 
Learning to pull up
Loves to stand and play
Two front bottom teeth have finally popped through 
You're ALWAYS smiling, we love your joy filled heart!!

January 13, 2016

Signs + Mugs

Here's some new signs & mugs that I've recently added to the shop!