December 12, 2017

Christmas one year ago

Hudson & Lincoln’s Christmas program at their preschool is tomorrow so I thought it’d be fun to show pictures from a year ago. What a gift these boys are & how fast time goes. I’ll treasure this in my heart! 

Lincoln’s I’m above picture in green plaid shirt :)

 Hudson’s in picture above on the left holding his blankie :)

August 13, 2017

First Day of Pre-K

Hudson picking out his lunch box for his first day of Pre-K, he choose his cardinal one of course. 

Birthday boy josh & preschooler Hudson!

The 8 am bike gang before heading off to preschool.

This kid is so excited!

Baby brother is happy to have mom all to himself :)

Coool guy face :)

His classroom, his class is the Cedar's & his teacher is Mrs. Jeannie who taught Kindergarten for 38 years, we love her!!


Hudson pretending to be mom with her bible, glasses & headlight :) SOOOO cute!! This boy is constantly asking where's grandma at if she left the room, he adores grandma!

Snack out front with grandma - waiting on daddy to get home!

Lincoln watering the flowers, he loves to help out. He's saying I got you mom in the picture above :)

July 5, 2017

Stamped cookies

While the boys were in Louisville & I had finally turned a corner and felt better, I used my time to make some freezer meals. I also made some cookie dough to have on hand so I can just pop the cookies in the oven if someone stops by or Josh gets a craving. 

I just got this cookie stamp & used it for the first time to make some pecan sandies. They were delicious & it was also so different to bake cookies without little hands reaching their hands into cookie dough for a bite. Or trying to 'help' me make them :) 

Boys went to Louisville this weekend because I had strep throat. Jeremy & his family also came in for a visit so they had such a wonderful time. So thankful that Josh did that for me!!

June 24, 2017



We've had a wonderful Saturday! We went to the farmers market in town & enjoyed breakfast with some of the nicest weather we've had in a while. We came home & went for our 3 mile walk around the neighbourhood with the boys on their scooter. 

Then Nana & Pappy came to visit for the morning & part of the afternoon. And then right as they were leaving we had a surprise visit from Grandpa & Lizzie. It was such a fun day!!





June 21, 2017



Morning sunrise on my run today!



Josh making a fire pit last night on our back deck.


Hudson putting his 'special' cars i his new display frame just like Grandpa Kramer does he says!

June 14, 2017

New house!


We've moved! Sorry I've been absent all on here, moving with kids is tough. Grandma & Grandpa not sure how y'all moved so many times with all the kids. Having children has made me appreciate so much more things in life, it's given me a better understanding of time & what matters most. 

We had 7 guys come over from our church and moved us in 1.5 trips, they were a huge blessing!

Few pictures of the house as we're moving in.



Hudson & Josh went out for their inaugural mow with our new zero turn mower. 





They're adding a concrete turn around pad off our driveway which is brand new. It was part of our contract. 


Lunches with naked boys on the porch everyday!


Went to a air show at our airport this last weekend boys loved it! 

Josh mows & I relax on our deck!