November 30, 2011

thanksgiving recap

 thanksgiving week for me was spent at josh's parents house. his brother lives in alabama so every thanksgiving his three girls isabella, olivia, and aliza and his wife pam, come up to louisville to celebrate Christmas with us.
we also stopped by my families thanksgiving party in the evening. i love this picture of my grandpa holding rowan with uncle bill in the back. josh captured it on thanksgiving.

so i love these next few photos: 
every year we take a family photo using the camera's timers which always is a funny thing to watch, i thought these pictures captured the scene quite well.

diy alternative Christmas trees

have a small space, or want your Christmas tree a little different this year? here are a few ideas to get your project started.
not sure which one is my favorite - i really like the chalk drawing, which tree is your favorite?

pictures via casa cullen: for more ideas click here.

November 29, 2011

how to: elbow patch sweater

ever wanted to add elbow patches to your favorite sweater, well on a beautiful mess, elsie provides a great tutorial on how to get the look you are going for. check it out here.

November 28, 2011

picture everyday

 josh takes a picture everyday, well almost everyday. he started this project on his 27th birthday so each year he publishes a book and titles the book according to how old he is - he recently finished 29. check it out here.

November 22, 2011

a perfect thanksgiving

must haves for a great thanksgiving day.
1. yummy meal
2. football games
3. a turkey trot (i know this may be debatable, but my vote goes to waking up with the crowd and pounding out the miles. )
the picture above is josh's family a few years ago doing the turkey trot
4. family to spend the day with

ps. cute thanksgiving cupcakes. especially if you have a small gathering.

November 21, 2011

thanksgiving week

(photo via HEARBLACK)
i'm so excited about thanksgiving week, it's so nice to relax in the company of family. 
i hope your holiday is full of laughter and your heart is full of love.

November 15, 2011

samoas bars recipe

so last night i thought i would try out this recipe for samoas bars that i found on crepes of wrath. don't they look delicious? oh who am i kidding this isn't a picture of the ones i made last night, oh no mine don't even resemble a samoas bar.
here is a picture of the ones i made
well to make myself feel better it was my first attempt.
 i couldn't quite dip the crust in chocolate because it was crumbling,  but it still tasted delicious almost just like a girl scout cookie.
i am going to attempt it once more, i need to perfect the recipe so i can have this recipe on hand for holiday parties this year.

November 14, 2011

the best of louisville

do you want to know what i worked on all weekend, well look at my blog and gaze over to the lovely left sidebar. the title is the best of louisville and under that are previous posts of mine. yes, it looks easy - but was it? NO! 
when i started this blog i thought it would be a piece of cake, but my ideas keep growing and so i keep pressing on. it was fun and i learned a lot about html coding, ever tried it? i have!
so i have now started a collective place where all of my favorite things in louisville will be located. 
so if you are in town for a trip or have lived here for years and want to try something new, look through the best of louisville collection.
i try to stay off the beaten path and support locally owned businesses
enjoy your adventure!

November 11, 2011

November 10, 2011

the little things

yesterday before work i went for a run, it was beautiful the leaves on the ground crunching beneath my feet and the crisp in the air. i was reminded of how lucky i am to live in an area that has the change of seasons and especially, deciduous trees.
also my nightly knitting project.

wildflower ice cubes

i just love these, wouldn't this be great for having your girlfriends over for tea?
i found this on cup of jo.

to find out more, click here.

November 9, 2011

L & N Bar and Bistro: Date Nite

Josh's mom is so sweet and gave josh and I a groupon to L&N Bar and Bistro. After a hectic weekend we decided to have a date on monday night.
It was so close in fact we walked which always makes things easier. I enjoyed the salmon and asparagus and josh tried the fish and chips. It was delicious, quaint and friendly we will definitely be going back.

Thanks Joyce!!

November 7, 2011

diy cards

i just love these homemade business cards! as she says 'now there are a bunch of katie's running around out there.' genius! check out how she did it here.

paul octavious

while traveleing to san fransico Paul Octavious shot these photos

i always find it interesting how differently people can see things.

cake boss

over the weekend i went to see cake boss at the palace with my grandma, aunt and cousin. josh's mom and sister happened to be going so we met up beforehand and ate dinner together at la gallo rosso.

La gallo Rosso is a quaint italian restaurant on bardstown road, they serve authentic italian. all entrees come with a salad that is wrapped in a cucumber slice, when you cut it the salad explodes and looks like a normal salad. i also tried something new and got the salmon with linguine and a side of vegetables. 

we had a great time at the show, we didn't know what to expect but the anticipation of it all was the best part! 

p.s - thanks for the tickets!!