August 26, 2015

MOPS 2015

MOPS started back today, Yay!! Hudson was very excited he had his new shoes on, his truck backpack with B in it & his monster truck which stayed in the car :). I should've got a picture with Lincoln and him too, but I was lucky to remember this!

Lincoln also went and he did great, it was the first time I've ever left him and granted I was down the hall it's always hard. But he almost made it the whole 2 hours and 15 minutes but with 20 minutes to go he got hungry. So they brought him to me so I could nurse him, easy peasy.

Getting ready to leave - sweet boys. Hudson was so excited while Lincoln just wanted me to hold him!

This was Hudson when I came in to pick him up, he kept saying look mommy look! They had all these containers filled with colored sand and had shovels and buckets he just loved it! This year Hudson is a duck, and they get to leave their classroom to go to music class & storytime. Last year he was a bunny and music & storytime would come to them. Big boy! After I dropped him off a few friends came to tell me that every kid in the duck room was crying except Hudson he was just jumping around playing with a car and holding B. Makes my heart happy!!

The theme this year is a fierce flourishing, this was our goodie bag. I'm so excited for another year, it's such a great program and I've made SO many friends. I'm also hosting bunco in September at my house, I'm super excited I love having parties. I told Josh he can hang out in the basement and watch TV and I will bring him a plate of food :) My group this year is called the desert poppies, every group is named after a flower. 

How MOPS works is we eat brunch, which each group has a day they make the brunch once in the fall and once in the spring and it's a full spread you wouldn't believe how nice it is. Then our coordinator goes over announcements and then we have a speaker, each time we meet its a different speaker. Then we break off and go into our smaller groups to talk and discuss the talk we just heard. It's such an encouragement to be a part of this. 

In the goodie bag was this sweet pray calendar so everyday you can be reminded to pray for your children. How sweet?!

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