August 28, 2015

pictures pictures

Here are some pictures from our week, we've been super busy enjoying these 70 degree days. Hope this weather stays around! Tomorrow we got invited to a couple we know from church to their lake house. They have boats & jet skis so we are hoping to do some tubing and waterskiing. I will take plenty of pictures!!

This sweet hat was made from a lady at MOPS, she made all the summer babies knitted hats - how sweet!?

In our goodie bag from MOPS was a duster Hudson knew exactly what to do with it. He was singing clean up clean up - Love him!

Yesterday, I set up construction station outside with some rice and his trucks. He loves piling the trucks up with rice and dumping it, as I say it's the little things :)

We took Hudson to bmx on Tuesday you can tell from his face below he was having fun! 

Cute picture of Hudson sleeping. We moved his bedroom to the basement so Lincoln could start sleeping in the crib and I can nurse in there at night. Eventually they will sleep together we hope in a few months but for now this works great. Lincoln's room is next to ours so when I get up at night it's super convenient. 

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