April 29, 2015

Helper Boy

Can you believe this sweet boy will be two in a mere 17 days!! Lincoln has 5 weeks and 4 days until his June 7th due date, not that I'm counting down or anything! I'm feeling pretty good, I've stopped doing my exercise class at 6 am 3 days a week because I didn't have enough energy for the rest of my day. For now housework, chasing Hudson and walking to the park are just enough for me! 

Hudson's such a sweet boy we see more of his personality everyday. He has such a kind heart and loves to help his friends when they have fallen. He will run over and say, 'oh no' and reach for their hand and try with all his might to help them up. He does the same thing when him and Josh are on the trampoline. In this case josh lays down on the trampoline to rest but Hudson sees it as a chance to help! 

Hudson also has a monkey stuffed animal that he loves, chips. He will throw him on the floor and say, 'oh no' just so he can help him and rock him. It's so sweet! 

He really likes to help me at the grocery by putting items in the cart and then putting items on the conveyor belt. Sometimes it's not as much help as he thinks but we will get there!

He's also really sweet with his friends when they play. Typically, when another kid has a toy he wants he will walk up to them and kinda bend his knees to get to eye level and say, pwease, while he claps his hands to his thighs. So cute! Now this completely depends on who he plays with he has some really sweet friends. 

He also likes to help me make dinner and tell daddy he cooked for him. Yesterday I made a casserole and the last step was sprinkling with cheese so I asked him to do that part and he was SO happy to have 'made' dinner!

If we go walking to the park with a friend and I give Hudson a snack he will reach to hand a piece to his friend automatically. 

He has a bunch of pretend tools and after all the work we've done on the house he will walk around with a drill & screwdriver fixing things he has seen Josh work on. It's adorable, he mutters tool tool tool the whole time. Sometimes he likes to work on his trucks because he has seen Josh replace their batteries. In the photo below he is working on the door :).

He picks up on SO much I almost can't believe it. 

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