April 20, 2015


We had our little babymoon weekend which was soo nice. Josh and I went to Brown County, Nashville, IN, and had such a fun time. It was soo relaxing. I texted my mom and said I felt like a teenager - we had NO responsibilities! 

Saw this cute sign for Jessie! 

A motorcycle carved out of wood. 

Hudson spent the weekend with his Aunt Jessie, Uncle Chad, Nana & Pappy. They went to he zoo, played trucks a lot, went for walks to see the horses and I'm sure got spoiled! Thanks so much for keeping & loving our sweet boy, we sure were ready to pick him up on Sunday!!

It's funny the main thing we talked about on our weekend away from Hudson was Hudson! I think that's normal?!?! 

Here's some cute pictures they sent us over the weekend. 

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