November 2, 2014

Our sweet boy

Hudson is learning so many new things, he recently started using this red bucket as his bowl and a wooden spoon to whip us up some food. I ask for a bite and he reaches out this spoon and gives us a nibble then does some more stirring and tossing in blocks to add seasoning and spoons out another's adorable! He's talking a lot! I bought him a book tonight that has pictures of everyday things and he sat down for so long just looking through the book and saying some of the things he knew. Train = choo choo, shoe = chew, sock = chalk, watch = oatch....

He also loves to help us when we do things, it usually takes twice as long but he loves it! I have him help me with laundry and he pushes the buttons on the machines, or helping josh fix something he will hold his tools. His so serious when he does it to he watches meticulously what josh is doing and holds his tools so carefully. What a sweetheart we have some days are so long but these years I have with him are passing so quick, so thankful I get to spend so much time with him. 

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