December 13, 2016

What a week!


My boys working on the airplane, a screw came lose so they are working hard!

This week was a rough one! Tuesday morning I was doing laundry which is in our finished basement and 29 minutes later I come back down and it's flooded! Luckily we have a shop vac so I started using that, it was such a job! I wasn't able to get ahold of josh to help because he was in meetings but my friend Jill just had a baby 2 weeks ago and her parents were in town and her husband was off work. So he came over to help, thank God for dan! 

This week we've filed with insurance and had a restoration company out and clean up & dry everything. This morning our insurance adjuster comes and next week our plumber is giving us a quote on repairs. So things are okay! 

But last night once the restoration company finally took all the fans and dehumidifiers I decided to clean up basement with boys before josh got home. So I start picking things up and then poor Lincoln just starts puking EVERYWHERE! It was a long night but he's doing much better his morning! 


I've been wanting to add thank you flyers with information to my shop with every order & I finally did it! Love how they turned out!! I have matching business cards too!


Business cards!


I've got so many orders to complete and ship out in time for Christmas. Today is the last day for orders at my shop and they are rolling in. Josh and I have a babysitter coming tomorrow afternoon so we can work in the garage together on signs. We always have so much fun working together, listening to music & finishing our sentences without being interrupted every 2 minutes by our sweet boys!! 

Here's some of my orders as of late!






This sign is HUGE! Someone ordered it for her parents ranch house which they call magnolia bluff plantation!






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