October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

I told Hudson when he went back out with Josh to trick or treat some more with some other friends to tell me all about it. He rushed in the door and told me about each piece of candy & how fun it was & how he got a piece of candy shaped like a football. He had a wonderful night & even got a package of microwave popcorn he's really excited to have for our Friday night movie and popcorn tradition! 

Hudson carrying both of their bags, so sweet! Lincoln would get up to the door and just walk into their houses. Sooo funny!!




Only my boys would skip getting candy & play with the rocks :)





This is Hudson with Tristan & Tyson, their dad works with Josh & have become really good friends. So after we all trick or treated with friends Josh & Hudson went over to their house to do a little more. 

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